Top psychological reasons for failing to lose weight

Top psychological reasons for failing to lose weight

 Top psychological reasons for failing to lose weight

When you have tried out all possible weight loss measures but in vain, then you must start thinking in a different way. There are many who haven’t experienced any good results even after doing regular workouts and adhering to strict diet norms. Weight loss is not an easy thing to grapple with but normally regular exercises and mindful, healthy eating will at least some results for the weight loss enthusiasts. But, for some it doesn’t happen that. If you are one of them, you need to turn mind-ward. Often our physical and physiological responses are simple reflections or better to say, repercussions of what our mind is thinking. So, if nothing is working for you, delve deep into your mind until you have traced the psychological reasons for not losing weight. Given below are some of the major psychological reasons for not losing weight despite trying hard.

Poor self-esteem

People with poor self-esteem often meet with failures in almost every endeavor weight loss being no exception. They feel themselves unworthy of achieving their dreams. If you are dreaming to look slim and trim, you must get your mind to believe it in the first place. If your mind is not ready to lose weight, your body won’t. So, first make your mind ready for achieving the weight loss targets. You must make your mind to believe that you really deserve to be slim. That’ll definitely trigger weight loss as your mind will start sending the desired signals to your body.

Bad habits start in the mind

Often obesity or the state of being overweight is associated with bad lifestyle habits or ad eating habits. But our habits are just physical responses of what our mind craves to do. If you gear your mind towards good, healthy habits, your mind in turn will gear your body towards the same. So, de-clutter your mind and reload it with the determination to switch to good, pro-weight loss habits. If your mind shrieks for candies every time you pass by the candy store, say ‘NO’ and walk past. if you do this all the time for about a month, it will become one of your good habits

Your mind is geared towards quick gratification

Losing weight cannot happen overnight. It is a long term outcome of tweaked lifestyle and food habits. But if you are someone who looks for quick fixes for every problem and even weight loss, your mind that is geared towards quick gratification, will get fed up easily. You will end up trying drastic weight loss measures that are not only ineffective but dangerous too and that will ultimately cause you to get stuck in a rut.

A mind that waits & waits

If your mind goes slow in making you take initiative, you’ll keep postponing weight loss pursuits like all other things of your life. So, kick out the sleepy ass from your mind and get kick-started in your weight loss endeavors. Delaying with weight loss may push you towards unhealthy consequences.

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