10 Best Weight Loss Exercises at home

10 Best Weight Loss Exercises at home

To drop those stubborn, unwanted pounds, you need not join a gym and pay hefty gym fees every month. You can achieve good weight loss results from your home itself. Simple yet impactful exercises may be practiced at home on a regular basis to attain weight loss goals. But you need to be very organized with your home exercise plan for weight loss.

 The exercises you practice at home should combine both cardio and strength training exercises. You need to start slow and then gradually increase rate in accordance with your body’s endurance levels and your weight loss goals…Here are top 10 exercises you could do at home for maximum weight loss.

 As a beginner, you need not use weights and may only do the free hand exercises but as you get used to it, you may introduce weights to maximize results…Read on to learn more:

1 Steps climbing

Are you an elevator junkie? Then, give up that habit because steps climbing can let you lose your extra pounds as fast as it can. Try to climb steps for at least 60 minutes each day and that’ll let you burn as much as 532 calories per 60 minutes of session. So, climb the steps you have in your home. It is indeed effective weight loss workout!

2  Brisk walking

Brisk walking is an excellent yet simple weight loss exercise that can help you burn significant amount of calories. According to research, 30 minutes of brisk walking can torch as much as 100-300 calories. Thus, if you wish to achieve remarkable weight loss, you should consider going for walks daily. If you don’t want to step out of your house, you can practice brisk walking on your terrace too!

3  Cycling

If you wish to start losing weight cycling is one of the best exercises that help you drop your pounds along with offering you with a fun-filled ride. Cycling can expedite fat burning through speeded up metabolism. However, before jumping on to your cycle you need to make sure your diet is nutritious, healthy and weight-loss friendly. If you cannot go for outdoor cycling you can practice indoor cycling to get leaner and well contoured muscle mass; a process that speeds up calorie burning for you.

4  Skipping rope

Skipping the rope is something most of us have done sometime or the other in our childhood days. But did you ever think that this childhood game could also help you shed your pounds? Jumping over the skipping rope could let you burn 10 + calories in a single minute. There are various types of rope skipping workouts for weight loss. Side swing, Double side swing, Single side swing, Skier, Bell, Straddle, Wounded Duck, Scissors, Crossover, Forward 180, Full turn etc are some of the skip rope workout types that you could practice to maximize your weight loss results. You can practice skipping both indoors and outdoors.

5  Running

Running is an effective weight loss workout that can help you lose pounds easily. Running not only helps you burn calories but also boosts your endurance as well as strength. To lose weight significantly, you need to frame a consistent running schedule that combines both healthy diet and strength training. Run the pounds out of your life and boost your fitness levels!

6 Swimming

Swimming is a great exercise. It is an amazing fat buster as well as stress buster. As you glide through the waters, your strokes can let you burn calories through low-impact procedure. As you swim, your body acts against the buoyancy force of water. That helps you like anything in torching the unwanted calories. Also, swimming is a whole body workout that puts all the major muscles at work thereby shaping and toning your muscles remarkably. If you have a swimming pool within the premises of your home, it would indeed be great!

7 Floor mopping

Not interested in household chores? But, you may consider doing it now…According to experts, floor mopping is an effective weight loss exercise and not just a chore. You can mop floor regularly to reduce belly fat as well as excess pounds all across the body. You can mop floor everyday or on every alternate days.

8 Weight loss Yoga

‘Yoga’; the ancient healing science took its birth in India in the Vedic era. Today, Yoga is practiced as a therapy for mind, body & soul healing. Yoga is often said to border on spirituality and is aimed at promoting overall body healing. Yoga can cause fat reduction, muscle toning and improved flexibility. The best weight loss yoga postures include: Surya Namaskara or Sun salutation, Bow pose, Warrior pose, Chair pose, Angle pose. Breathing exercises or Pranayama too are intricately associated with yoga. Pranayama like Kapal bhati, Anulom-bilom are very effective for weight loss. These yogasanas and breathing exercises can help you slim down in a healthy way by boosting your body’s natural fat burning capacity. Weight loss yoga can be practiced indoors but it always best to do these yogasanas in an open balcony, verandah or in the garden area where lots of fresh air circulates.

9  Lunges

Lunges may be defined as a single leg & body exercise that leads to effective workout for the larger muscle groups in your lower body. Lunges can remove fat from your buttocks, legs and can give you really well sculpted and well toned legs and buttocks. Lunges can speed metabolism by building muscle mass in your lower body. This leads to increased fat burning and also strengthening of the lower body muscles.

10  Crunches

Crunches are one of the best belly flattening workouts. Your abdominal muscles are all worked out vigorously when you practice crunches. Doing the crunches with perfection can give you those killer abs that you always dreamt of! The best crunches for belly fat loss are: Exercise ball crunches, Torso Track crunches, Bicycle crunches, Vertical Leg Crunch, Abs roller crunch, Reverse crunch. Sculpt and tone your tummy the best way with these crunches.

To get a slim, fat-free and toned body, you can practice the above exercises at home. All the best for your weight loss journey!

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