1200 calorie meal plan for losing weight

1200 calorie meal plan for losing weight

Are you looking forward to shedding some excess fat? Then you are up to witness a perfect meal plan that will help you lose weight. A 1200 low-calorie diet plan with nutrition-rich foods will help you in lowering the number of calories you consume. As the name suggests, without exceeding the 1200 calorie per day limitation, you eat healthy proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. In this plan, you tend to eat fewer calories than you burn & your body can resort to burning your fat. As a result, you lose weight.

Let’s begin to curb the excess fat by following this simple yet effective fat burner plan that promotes a healthy lifestyle.  Simple exercises & adapting to a changed lifestyle is very much necessary to accelerate this diet plan. Consuming natural supplements such as Garcinia Cambogia can help to boost metabolism & shed away extra kilos. 

Early mornings: (50 calories)

As per my research here are a couple of things that you can follow that will help you boost your metabolism and helps to promote weight loss

  1  Eat 6-7 almonds in the morning: By eating 6-7 soaked almonds in the morning add valuable nutrients in your diet plan.  Almonds reduce blood pressure & lower cholesterol levels too. They  reduce hunger & promote weight loss.  Preferably have it on an empty stomach to increase & speed up the absorption of the nutrients. 

  2  Drink warm- lemon water: Lemon juice is a citric acid rich in vitamin C helps the enzymes to function better. Drinking warm lemon water on an empty stomach early in the morning help stimulate the gastrointestinal tract. The heat burns are reduced & digestion improves.  It also aids in detoxification & stimulates the liver. 

  3  Simple exercise or walk:  A diet plan without exercise can never work.Well, first & foremost thing to follow before you go on any diet plan is to include exercises in your daily lifestyle.Along with eating habits, exercises are a must.Exercise everyday to burn calories and tone your muscles.  Walk off your weight by going for a brisk walk for 20 minutes on a daily basis. You can burn about 140 calories a day. (You slowly can include Surya Namaskar which comprises of 12 asanas/postures & also Abs workout to strengthen your core & get the body in shape.)

   4  Ragi Malt after workout: (50 calories) It’s always a good habit to gulp a glass of ragi malt after a workout. It’s the best millet to shed extra calories. Ragi Malt is extremely healthy as it contains fiber, calcium, and iron. Albeit, the concentration of carbohydrates is high, ragi takes a while to digest & slows the absorption of carbohydrates in it. Therefore it is suitable for weight loss. Have every day for better results.

   5 Healthy Breakfast( 300 calories): Have breakfasts with fiber-rich food.A vegetable oats upma/poha is an ideal breakfast meal. It keeps you full & satiated until lunchtime.You can also go with skimmed milk & 2 slices of brown bread.

For south Indians who are used to having idlis can have 2-3 idlis.

Mid-morning snack( 100 calories):

It’s important to have healthy snacks every 2-3 hours.You can go for a healthy fruit salad or 2 boiled eggs.Fruits are a healthy low-carb diet filled with nutritional values.You can have it everyday.A protein-rich egg is good for a low-calorie diet.A large hard-boiled egg contains 78 calories and several important nutrients, including: lutein and zeaxanthin, which are antioxidants that support healthy eyesight.

Lunch (300 calories):

It’s important to have lunch after 2-3 hours of a mid-morning snack.Here the best meal plans that you can choose for low-calorie diet:

  • Vegetable Salad: Vegetables are an important source of nutrients, fiber, vitamins A, E & C.  Include superfood such as broccoli, spinach & in the salad.
  • 2 rotis+ 1 cup Dal+ 1 cup curd: Have rotis made of wheat which gives good strength. Dal & curd gives adequate protein.

Make sure you go for a walk after having lunch for about 10-15 minutes.  Never sleep during afternoon hrs.

Evening(100 calories):

There are 2 ways to carry out your evenings.One way is to drink coffee/tea with sugar-free biscuits.Caffeine reduces the risk of heart failure by up to 15%. It enhances the neurons in the brain and improves the mood and energy levels.  

On the other hand, have a glass of sugar cane juice in the evening to gain instant energy. It helps in digestion. By reducing the bad cholesterol in the body it helps in reducing weight. With no added sugar or chemical preservatives, you can consume this super healthy juice everyday to gain strength.

Dinner(300 calories):

It’s always important to eat light before you call it a day. 2 jawar rotis with curd or a vegetable or fruit diet will suffice.After having dinner make sure you go for a walk for about 10-15 minutes.

Bottom Line: Eat everything in moderation & exercise regularly to lose weight naturally!

A 1200 low-calorie diet plan helps you to remain healthy. If you have to shed excess fat by following this diet plan it’s important to avoid soft drinks, potato wedges, fries & chips.  Make sure you have a color selection when it comes to choosing the fruits & vegetables that you take. Add red, yellow & green colored ones to your plan. Green vegetables are very healthy.  Increase fluid intake as it increases the metabolic rate. Have at least 2-3 liters of water a day! Avoid deep-fried items, instead, have baked or steamed food without oil.  Embark this diet plan to lose weight fast and healthy way. 

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