5 Food High in Sugar that you must avoid

5 Food High in Sugar that you must avoid

There is hardly an Indian who does not have a sweet tooth. In our country, we celebrate 1000s of festivals all year round and sweets and desserts make an inseparable part of those festivities. In fact each festival in India is associated with a unique sweet generally prepared at home during the occasion. Also, welcoming guests with a platter full of sweets, announcing some good news with a box of sweets, taking sweets at the end of meal are all part of the Indian tradition and culture that is known enough in the global arena. However, if you are an Indian watching your weight, you need to sacrifice all of these sweets & desserts. Having one once in a blue moon is not a crime but having one each day post meal is indeed a strict ‘No-No’.

Sugar is a kind of carb which if taken in high quantities may lead to diabetes or obesity which in turn may lead to other major health issues such as heart attacks, Kidney failure, certain cancers etc. Thus, a check needs to be imposed on your consumption of sugar whether as natural sugar or as added sugar. We generally consume added sugar in the form of the very popular table sugar, honey, and sugar syrups. Many of our store-bought food items such as cookies, cakes, pastries, muffins, canned juices etc are loaded with added sugar that come with different names in the nutritional labels. Some of the names are as follows: sucrose, fructose, glucose, maltose, invert sugar, corn syrup, molasses, fruit juice, honey, hydrolyzed starch. So, make sure to read the labels properly before adding any packaged food to your shopping cart.

In other words, when you are trying to lose weight, it is important to drop the high in sugar foods out of your weight loss diet. Now, what is meant by ‘high in sugar’? Well, when the sugar content in any food is 22.5 grams or beyond in per 100 grams of that food item, the food is considered ‘high in sugar’ as per the opinion of the critical fraternity. Such foods may sabotage your weight loss endeavors. If you are planning to shed those excess pounds, you need to avoid taking those high in sugar foods from your diet. The top 5 high in sugar foods that you need to avoid are listed below…read on to learn more:

1.    Packaged fruit juices

We all know about the health benefits of fruits & fruit juices and to people who are trying to lose weight, Fruit juices come with special importance. But, if you are opting for packaged fruit juices, much of the health benefits of fruit juices are likely to be negated. This is because most of the store-bought, packaged fruit juices are loaded with sugar, artificial colors and flavors. On an average, packaged fruit juices contain nearly 30 grams to 40 grams sugar and nearly 170 Calories. Now, that is quite fattening! Also, packaged fruit juices lack in the healthy, appetite curbing fruit fibers. Thus, try to stay away from such packaged fruit juices if you are trying to drop your pounds seriously. Instead of packaged fruit juices, opt for fresh, homemade fruit juices and enjoy those without sugar.

2.    Low fat yoghurt

Yoghurt is often considered as a magic food for those trying to shed their pounds. But the kind of yoghurt you are taking and the way you are taking matters. Many of the low fat yoghurt varieties you get in the stores come with lots of sugar in hidden form. Actually the manufacturing brands make use of lots of flavor & added sugar in low fat yoghurts to make them taste as great as the full-fat varieties. They do it to maintain the sale of the product but we, who buy it and consume it become obese quite in spite of ourselves. So, it’s always wise to prepare fresh yoghurt at home and enjoy it with some natural sweetener like Stevia in small quantities.

3.    Candies

The love for candies is said to start in childhood and stay with us all through life until our last breath. Yes, candies taste heavenly and look delectable indeed but they are actually sugar balls high in calories and if you are someone watching your weight, you really need to maintain a safe distance from these sweeties!

4.    Cookies + Biscuits

There’s hardly anyone in this world who would not love cookies & biscuits. They come in many shapes, sizes & flavors and turn out to be really heavenly for the palate. But when you consume cookies and biscuits the next time, stop and think…Cookies & Biscuits come loaded with sugar, refined flour, food additives & preservatives that not only prove to be fattening but also harmful for the body in generally. If you at all wish to snack with a Cookie, do it with the ones you bake at home and when you bake cookies at home, make sure to use a low calorie sweetener or very less sugar in it and whole wheat flour instead of refined flour in it.

5.    Granola Bars

Granola Bars are one of the most popular health foods of the present times. Many of us use it as an in-between-meals snack or as a breakfast substitute. But, Wait and think before relying on Granola blindly. The granola bars are generally made up of oats, dried fruits, nuts & seeds and all of these ingredients use honey or sugar syrup as the chief binding agent. That obviously increases the total calorie count of these bars. To be more precise, the sugar content of 100 grams of Granola bar is equivalent to 6 tsp and that’s fattening indeed! So, taking Granola bars isn’t a wise thing. If you at all wish to consume Granola bars, consume the homemade ones only. And when you prepare the Granolas at home, you need to make sure that the sugars or syrups you used in it should be used only in moderate amounts.

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