7 Amazing Benefits of Cucumber Juice for weight loss

7 Amazing Benefits of Cucumber Juice for weight loss

Cucumbers or ‘Kheera’ is one of the most popular salad veggies all across the country and globe. Also, this veggie makes one of the commonest ingredients in Raitas, Pickles and Chutneys.

Many of us are quite fond of the crunchiness & refreshing taste of this green salad staple which being 95% water and mostly fiber fit in well into the weight loss diet plan of passionate weight watchers & fitness freaks. If you are one of them and are trying hard to shed those stubborn excess pounds, you could consider juicing this streaked, green vegetable and replacing the high calorie, sugary sodas & beverages with this healthy veggie drink…

Ayurvedic experts & Nutritionists often recommend detox drinks on a regular basis to kick-start metabolism for the rest of the day and in this context, it needs to be mentioned that the best detox drink that supports one’s weight loss journey fabulously is the drink made from the extracts of your favorite kheera. It is often considered the perfect solution for sizing down your shape & figure.

How to prepare cucumber juice

Here are the steps that need to be followed to prepare the basic cucumber juice:

  • Wash the veggie & peel the skin and dice them
  • Add 1 cup of diced the diced vegetable to the blender jar and add water
  • Run the blender until you get frothy juice
  • Pour it strained or unstrained into glass
  • Add a pinch of black salt & enjoy!


How does cucumber juice help in weight loss?

1. It is a negative calorie drink

Single serving of 1 cup of this drink contains not more than 16 Calories. Such a low calorie count makes it a negative calorie drink; i.e. the amount of calories needed to burn it down is less than the amount of calories present in it. That accelerates weight loss for someone who drinks this veggie drink on daily basis.

2.  It de-toxifies you

This veggie drink is sodium-free. Hence, it does not cause your body to retain excess water. Instead it triggers flushing out of toxins as well as fat cells from the body through urine. The diuretic nature of the vegetable too helps in this. Detoxification of body expedites fat burning through increased metabolic rate and also checks bloating thereby preventing your body from looking swollen and fat.

3. It hydrates you

Cucumber has very high water content; i.e. 95%. And, a cup of Cucumber juice has about 7.5 ounces of water. Water is often looked upon as the best and simplest drink for weight loss. Thus, this drink with a high water content helps one lose weight easily by speeding up metabolism, by promoting satiety and by hydrating the body thoroughly so that your body does not mistake thirst for hunger and push you towards unhealthy snacking. Also, adequate hydration of body through this homemade veggie drink brings down the unwanted water weight as your body, once hydrated, stops retaining excess water.

4.  It curbs hunger

This particular drink keeps you full for a long time and thus you don’t feel the urge for unhealthy snacking. That keeps the excess calories away and helps you maintain a healthy body weight.

5.  It stabilizes blood glucose levels

Ethanol, a compound present in this particular vegetable helps in stabilizing blood glucose levels and preventing sudden sugar spikes. That helps in weight management by leaving no excess glucose in blood to be converted to body fat.

6.  It improves digestion

This veggie juice improves digestion and helps you maintain a healthy gut. If gut health improves, it facilitates better assimilation of food nutrients and no excess is left behind to be converted to fat and to get deposited as excess fat in the body.

7.  It is fat-free

There’s absolutely no fat in this salad veggie and that helps you keep your weight in check no matter how many of this particular veggie you are consuming.

Juice Recipes with Cucumber Juice

The juice recipes that can bring about some variation in the basic Cucumber Juice may be discussed as follows:

With Lemon + Honey

This is a healthy juice recipe that blends the freshness of cucumber, the tanginess of lemon and the sweetness of Organic Honey. To make this juice you need to blend 1 cup of the peeled, diced veggie, ½ a cup of lemon juice along with water in a blender. Once juice is ready, you can mix in 1 tsp honey and drink it.

With Ginger + Mint

This energizing drink is made up of Cucumber juice along with that of the cooling mint leaves and the partly hot ginger. To make this juice you need to blend 1 cup of peeled, diced cucumber, 4-5 mint leaves, 1 inch of peeled, grated ginger root along with ½ a cup of water in a blender.

With Apple

If you wish to enjoy this vegetable drink with a sweet undertone, you can use apple in it. To make this juice you need to blend 1 cup of peeled, diced cucumber, 1 cup of peeled, diced apple along with ½ cup water in a blender.

With Coriander

This is a greener juice made up of cucumber and the common kitchen herb, Coriander leaves. To make this green juice you need to blend 1 bunch of washed coriander leaves and 1 cup of the green veggie along with some water in a blender.

With Carrot

If you want a healthy dose of fiber-rich and nutrients-rich juice to start the day with, the carrot + cucumber juice. To make this juice you need to blend 1 cup of peeled diced veggie and 1 cup of diced carrot along with some water in a blender.

With Tomatoes

This juice comes with a partly sweet and partly tangy undertone. It makes use of succulent ripe tomatoes and cucumber to make a glassful of nutrient-dense juice. To make this juice, you need to blend 1 cup of peeled, diced cucumber along with the pulp of 1 medium sized tomato along with ½ a cup of water in a blender.

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