Almonds for Weight loss

Almonds for Weight loss

During every festivity in India, exchanging boxes of dry fruits and nuts among friends and relatives is a tradition. But apart from just festive occasions, you should consider stacking up your kitchen cupboard with dry fruits and nuts especially almonds or badam. Almonds are one of the most sought-after tree nuts that come with an intensely dense nutritional profile. They are rich, delicious and crunchy. Almonds have gained in popularity of late as a weight loss super food. Researchers have put forth many explanations as to how and why Almonds are helpful in making you slim and trim. Previously weight watchers used to keep almonds out of their diet thinking that the fat content in Almond could add to their existing fat reserves. But latest studies have flouted this stereotype and it’s indeed good news for nut lovers who are weight watchers too.

How does Almond help in weight loss

Almonds can help you lose weight in the following ways:

Almonds are hunger-curbing

Almonds contain a decent amount of proteins (about 6 grams proteins in 1 ounce of almonds), fibers (about 3 grams fiber in 1 ounce of almonds) and healthy fats (about 15 grams fat in 1 ounce of almonds) and each of these contents cannot be digested easily.  Slow digestion of the fats, proteins and fiber in Almond keeps you full for long and thus curbs your hunger and unhealthy eating habits.

Almonds improve metabolic rate

The high fiber content of Almonds improves your digestive power by cleansing your bowel efficiently. This helps you get rid of toxins from the body and by detoxifying your system, you can actually a big boost to your body’s metabolic rate fostering increased rate of fat burning.

Almonds can fuel your weight loss exercises

The high content of monosaturated fatty acids like Palmitoleic and Oleic Acids in Almonds can be helpful in supplying your body with all the needed energy. Energy is needed to perform the various weight loss exercises on regular basis and that helps you in the process of losing fat by increased rate of fat burning.

Almonds can keep blood glucose/sugar in check

The high fiber content of Almonds can help to stabilize blood glucose levels by checking sudden sugar spikes. This helps in weight management as no excess sugar is left in blood to be converted to body fat.

Almonds can make you consume lesser calories   

According to research, not all of the calories in Almonds are absorbed by the body. Researchers opine that almonds may contain 30 percent lesser calories than mentioned in the nutritional labels. The reason is that the cell structure of Almonds is rigid enough to allow full absorption of the entire calorific content of Almonds.

Almonds support your weight loss efforts

Almonds are rich in nutrients such as Copper, Magnesium and Vitamin E. This rich nutritional profile helps you in your weight loss journey. Weight loss consists in cutting down on calories and going on a weight loss diet. Weight loss diet will limit your total calorie intake. This may make you deficient in certain nutrients. Taking almonds will never allow you to go deficient in vital nutrients and this will support your weight loss endeavors efficiently.

Thus these mini delights in the form of Almonds can make a healthy weight loss snack. So, make sure to stash almonds in your bag whenever you are going out. These meaty, crunchy nuts will stop you from unhealthy binging habits and will help you stick to your weight loss regime most zealously.

How much Almond should you take for weight loss?

One Quarter Cup of Raw Almonds; i.e. 35 grams of Almonds per day is just enough to help you lose your extra pounds with ease. In a research published in Journal of Nutrition declared the same. If you are consuming almond butter, 1 tbsp of butter is just enough for a day’s consumption

How to use Almond for weight loss

If you are trying to lose weight through Almonds, you can use the Almonds either raw or roasted or in the form of Almond Milk or Almond Butter or Almond Powder.

To prepare roasted almond, you need to heat skillet over low flame and then dry roast the almonds. If you want you can sprinkle some salt to get roasted salted almond or can drizzle the roasted almonds with honey to get roasted honey almonds.

If you want to make Almond Powder, you need to first soak almonds in water, remove the skin and dry roast the almonds. Once roasted, you can put the almonds in a grinder and grind almonds into a coarse powder.

If you want to prepare Almond milk, you have to grind almond along with water in a food processor. Next you need to squeeze out the milk by making the water-almond mix pass through a muslin cloth potli.

If you want to prepare Almond butter at home, you need to process the dry roasted almonds for about 30 minutes in a food processor to get creamy, smooth and thick Almond butter.

Almonds can be used for weight loss effectively but are pretty high in calories (1 ounce of raw almonds contain 162 calories). So, you have to keep in mind the portion size or else you’ll end up de-railing your weight loss efforts. The best way to keep track of the Almonds portions is to use a scale initially until you get experienced enough to understand the right portions for weight loss even without measuring.

Also, make sure to use the right kind of Almonds. It is best for you to go for the lowest calorie Almond options such as raw almonds (1 ounce= 162 calories) instead of the dry roasted almonds (1 ounce=167 calories) or honey roasted almonds (1 ounce=166 calories) or oil roasted ones (1 ounce=170 calories)

However, if you are planning to consume raw almonds, it’s always wise on your part to consume soaked raw almonds rather than the dry raw almonds. By soaking almonds you can boost the nutrients availability factor of Almonds. Raw almonds come with a tough brown outer skin that contains an enzyme inhibitor protecting the nuts until germination. This enzyme inhibitor does not allow proper absorption of nutrients by the human body. But if Almonds are soaked overnight, the moisture removes the enzyme inhibitor and the nutrients are made available to your body easily.

You can add chopped almonds or almond powder to dalia kheer, puddings, sharbats, cereals, smoothies, salads etc. Also, you can add almond powder to flour while preparing the dough for roti/chappatis.

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