Are mushrooms good for weight loss

Are mushrooms good for weight loss

Many of us are in the notion that only vegetables and fruits can help us reduce weight. Well, there is one more category of food that is often confused as meat & is not consumed by many. This wondrous umbrella-shaped tiny fleshy fungus is a great addition to a healthy diet. An excellent meat substitute, mushrooms are quite healthy and have even been deemed super foods.

Its often get overlooked because of its dull color. Just because they are pale in color it doesn’t mean they lack nutritional value. Mushrooms are lower in calories. Fairly high in protein and can provide a good source of fiber and many nutrients. Hence mushrooms can consider good for weight loss.

Some people are allergic to mushrooms or have a reaction to it. In such cases, one can go for naturally processed supplements such as Garcinia Cambogia to boost metabolism & curb excess fat.

Many celebrities have started to follow an M-plan diet or the mushroom diet plan. Owing to its low-calorie benefit, this simple diet plan works only if followed properly.

To embark your journey through a perfect weight loss program, follow the M-plan diet plan where you can replace one meal a day with plain, cooked mushrooms. There are so many varieties of mushrooms available in the market. You can consume any kind as its nutritional value doesn’t go with the shape or size of it. This low-calorie & low-carb food offers a lot of fiber, potassium, Vitamin B , iron and also protein.

If you are considering yourself to go ahead with the mushroom weight loss journey, then you should steam, roast or sauté the mushrooms using very little fat as possible. Never use sauces or spreads over mushrooms as it results in weight gain rather than weight loss.  Always eat the mushrooms raw to keep the calorie count to the least as possible.

Many of us are so addicted to mushroom Manchurian. In this cold autumn weather, we generally prefer eating crispy, chilly Manchurian. There are other ways to eat this super food in a healthy way! To get more nutrients in your diet, drizzle them with a teaspoon of olive oil, sprinkle salt & pepper, and cook in a 200-degree oven for about 15 minutes.  There's no need to count calories or carbohydrates or even keep an eye on portion control.

Incorporating more mushrooms into your diet could be an effective weight-loss strategy.

1 They are very easy to shop & cook.

2 The diet plan is very effective for weight loss.

3 Rich in fibers with low fat & high protein content it helps you keep full.

4 100 gms of mushroom contain – 50 calories, less than 1 gm of fat, 7 gms of carbs & 4 gms of fiber.

5 It contains enough gms of potassium which help in digestion & rich in the mineral selenium.

Bottom-Line: Eat mushrooms and lose weight naturally

Mushrooms can prevent and treat many diseases and boost overall health. It provides an array of nutrients that keeps you fit and healthy. It’s a perfect food to get rid of excess fat. Generally, cooked mushrooms are preferred as it is higher in nutrients than raw ones. This superfood helps to kick up your metabolism. As it is rich in B vitamins, it turns the food into fuel which the body burns to produce energy. They have a rich source of vitamin D which helps to build strong bones & teeth.

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