Are these popular hair myths damaging your hair

Are these popular hair myths damaging your hair

“Brush your hair 100 times a day for better hair growth”. Sounds familiar? That’s not true for your information. Don’t be surprised! There are a number of hair myths all over the world. Unfortunately, these hair myths are causing more trouble to your hair than you can actually know! You put so much effort in keeping your hair healthy and lustrous. You are even ready to empty your pocket in order to get your split ends trimmed and get a hair spa but you end up believing these myths ultimately and do things that can actually be dangerous to your hair. Let’s dive straight into these myths that are damaging your hair now..

1 Don’t wash your hair if you want your hair to grow faster:  

At least once in your lifetime you might have believed that if you wash your hair often, it will lead to hair fall, right? And you will try to skip showers as long as possible. The next thing you notice is oily, greasy and stinking scalp! The grease secreted will block your follicles and causes inflammation which will stop hair growth.

2   Wash hair every alternate day:

I know you are confused as this is contradicting the above point. Firstly, shampooing a lot will strip your hair from oil and moisture! Moreover, the body will start produce more and more oil in order to fight the dryness caused by the chemicals. Secondly, it depends on how you look and feel! If your hair is too oily, wash it. Otherwise wait till it gets greasy because different people have different hair textures.

3  Plucking one grey hair leads to growth of more grey hair:

We would suggest you not to pluck grey hair, not because two more will grow in its place. But because plucking again and again will only weaken your hair follicle and one fine day the hair will stop growing in that particular spot.

4 Brush your hair more to boost hair growth:

Simple! Brushing your hair too much harms your hair cuticle. It is advisable to brush or comb only to untangle your hair.

5 Trimming your hair helps hair growth:

Hair growth happens at the roots, not at the ends! Hair trimming might help you throw away your split ends (though the splits will come back running to you) and make your scalp look voluminous. If you don’t mind spending a lot go ahead and get your hair trimmed but do not expect that your hair will grow again without the split ends!

6 Dandruff indicates that your scalp is dry:

There is a type of yeast growing on your scalp, which reproduce faster in an oily habitat. As a reaction, your body produces dandruff. Leaving your hair oily for too long will produce more and more dandruff on your scalp. Now you know why you need to wash your hair regularly, don’t you?

7 You shouldn’t oil greasy hair:

Some oils can penetrate the cuticle of your hair and make it stronger and healthier. It is proven that coconut oil and argon oil protect your hair against bleach, UV effects and heat and protein loss respectively. But make sure to apply oil in proper quantity and then wash hair if required.

8 Sudsy shampoos clean better:

Not true at all! In fact the sulphates can do worse according to some studies! They will make your hair dry and brittle if you try to produce too much lather. Choose shampoos with glycerin instead, if you like the foam while shampooing.


Some other tips to keep in mind before washing your hair:

  1. Use the right shampoo which suits your hair type.
  2. Brush hair before washing.
  3. Work from scalp to roots and not vice versa.
  4. Don’t pile your hair up while washing.
  5. Do not over-condition your hair after washing.
  6. Don’t wash your hair too often.
  7. Don’t over-use dryers, iron and other styling products on your hair.

Hair care is very important. Hair loss can take a toll on your confidence because you will start feeling inferior if you lose hair excessively. And yes, it is very much noticeable. In fact, hair is one of the important ornaments you must have to look beautiful. So start caring for your hair now, in order to preserve it for a longer period of time.

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