Are you gaining weight after you quit smoking

Are you gaining weight after you quit smoking


“You are always better off if you quit smoking; it’s never too late”- This is the exact phrase I always tell my friends who smoke. Well! I may never give up on telling but will the smokers give up on smoking?

Interestingly, facts suggest tobacco kills 6 million people on an average every year worldwide.  If the dire need of smoking continues, the annual death toll could catapult to 8 million by 2020.

For substantial life extension and reduction of risk of several diseases, one has to quit smoking.

Smoking cessation is one of the most cost-effective methods to prevent heart problems & cardiovascular diseases in a population and believe it or not it is estimated that smokers require over 1000 dollars each year in additional health care expenses compared to nonsmokers. Pragmatically, Even though about 5 out of 10 smokers wish to quit many smokers experience hurdles when it comes to some serious quit attempts. Many smokers end up in a state of turmoil when they are about to quit smoking. They have a fear of gaining weight after smoking cessation.  

After several research and studies, it’s estimated that on an average people tend to gain weight up to 5 kgs in a few weeks after giving up smoking. The best thing to avoid perilous health problems is not to smoke. There are several naturally processed supplements like Garcinia Cambogia to help keep your weight under control when you quit smoking. 

Why is it that People who Quit Smoking Gain Weight?

Nicotine in cigarettes is the main reason to gain weight. It affects your body drastically and also makes one weak. Here are a few reasons that are linked to smoking.

  • If smoking becomes habitual, then after quitting, you may have to crave for high-calorie rich food to replace tobacco.
  • The nicotine in cigarettes increases your metabolism. It also increases the number of calories your body uses at rest by about 10% to 15%. Without cigarettes, your body may burn food more slowly.
  • Cigarettes reduce appetite. When you quit smoking, you may feel hungrier.


Things to do to keep weight in check!

Here are few things you can do after you quit smoking to strike a balance in your body & avoid gaining weight.

  1.  Always push yourself to stay active - The best way to burn calories is to engage in physical activities. By doing so, it helps to decrease your cravings for cigarettes and unhealthy foods. It can also help you ward off cravings for unhealthy foods or cigarettes.
  2.  Buy healthy foods - Make sure you have a list of healthy foods like fruits and vegetables to buy before you enter the grocery store. Take low-calorie diet foods.  
  3. Always keep sugar free gum - It can keep your mouth busy without adding calories or exposing your teeth to sugar.
  4. Make a healthy diet plan - If you are struggling to create one healthy diet plan and also unable to lose weight, then you got to switch to Garcinia Cambogia. One of  the best natural ways to lose weight with a diet plan.
  5. Never do fasting. Make sure you eat when you are hungry & also eat at the right time. Eating at odd times does result in weight gain.  
  6. Get Adequate Sleep - Sleeping for about 6-7 hrs a day is a must else you might gain weight.
  7. ·Avoid carbonated/Alcohol drinks - Sugary sodas, alcohol and sweetened syrups may go down easy, but they add up and can lead to weight gain. Try sparkling water with 100% fruit juice or green tea instead.

Bottom line: Quit smoking & follow healthy habits to lose weight!

I am sure giving up on habits takes a lot of time. It affects both physically and mentally. Make sure you take small steps to quit cigarettes. You may end up gaining weight but eventually, you will lose weight slowly by taking natural weight loss pills.  By staying off cigarettes, you gain lots of health benefits.  Firstly you have better breath and your skin looks younger. The teeth will be whiter & you do well in sports and also in physical activities.

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