Benefits of Garcinia Cambogia -Nutratimes

Benefits of Garcinia Cambogia -Nutratimes

Garcinia Cambogia is very much on the spotlights these days and almost everywhere in the world it is much of a rage due to its multiple health benefits. Before we learn in details about the benefits of Garcinia, let’s first learn what Garcinia Cambogia actually is. Garcinia Cambogia is a pumpkin-like fruit that ranges in color from yellow to light greenish. The tree of Garcinia is native to Indonesia and grows well in a distinctly tropical setting. The tree is extensively cultivated in Central Africa, Southeast Asia, India and the fruit of the tree; i.e. Garcinia Cambogia is used in many of the authentic recipes and to flavor curries and chutneys in many Asian countries. The fruit is known by several other names such as Brindle Berry, Malabar Tamarind, Pot Tamarind, Gummi-Gutta.

The active ingredient in this miracle fruit is HCA or Hydroxycitric Acid. The HCA works in combination with other organic enzymes and compounds present in the fruit to yield powerful results for our body. However, if you go over the board with the consumption of Garcinia extracts, you can be at the risk of suffering from liver toxicity.

These days, Garcinia Cambogia is famous in the global arena due to the several benefits it offers. Let’s take a sneak peek into the benefits of Garcinia Cambogia…

  • It helps you lose weight

Garcinia Cambogia often regarded as a miraculous weight loss cure helps one in losing weight in many ways. HCA or Hydroxycitric Acid in Garcinia can inhibit fat storage in the body by inhibiting the action of the enzyme ‘Citrate Lyase’ that actually stimulates the storage of fat in the human body. By stopping the enzyme from acting, HCA can forbid the conversion of excess calories into fat. HCA also speeds up metabolism like anything and leads to increased rate of fat burning for the weight loss enthusiasts. Thus, these days Garcinia Cambogia extracts are widely used in various types of weight loss supplements of various brands across the globe. Nutratimes in one such renowned weight loss pill brand making use of Garcinia Cambogia extracts in its composition.

  • It helps you overcome fatigue

HCA Compound found in Garcinia Cambogia helps to boost your stamina and endurance during day to day chores as well as during weight loss workouts. The fatigue associated with rapid weight loss is bashed aside and you feel energetic like never before. This motivates you to keep trying for weight loss.

  • It boosts your energy levels

Losing weight suddenly may often cause you to feel tired and suffer from muscle weaknesses. That may take a toll on your performance and endurance during weight loss workouts. But if you are taking Garcinia extracts, you’ll not experience such energy dips. Instead you’ll go through energetic bursts and that’ll keep you going through your weight loss journey in a safe and sound way.

  • It boosts your metabolism

Proper metabolism helps in proper functioning of the various organ systems in your body. Healthy metabolic rate is also the key to healthy weight loss. When you have a healthy metabolic rate, your body burns more calories for energy rather than storing them as fat. This ultimately helps in weight reduction.

  •  It curbs your appetite

Suppression of appetite is another way in which Garcinia Cambogia assists the weight watchers to lose weight. According to a research conducted by Dr. Sunny Ohia of Creighton University School of Pharmacy & Allied Health Professions, Omaha, US, the Hydroxycitric Acid Compound in Garcinia Cambogia can curb your appetite. The compound trains your body up for consuming food only at particular times and in controlled portions and that helps you in getting rid of the habit of indulging in unhealthy in-between meal snacks; a thing that’s pretty difficult to resist. Thus, using Garcinia for slimming is the best thing you could do to reach your slimming goals.

  • It helps in stress management

The HCA Compound present in Garcinia Cambogia suppresses the production of Cortisol, one of the major stress hormones in the human body. That brings down your stress and anxiety levels and improves the overall quality of your life. Also, it reduces the rate of oxidative stress all across your body thereby allowing your organs to function in best ways. Furthermore, stress management through the use of Garcinia Cambogia stops you from stress-related impulse eating.

  • It helps to control blood sugar levels

By regulating your body’s metabolism, you can regulate the blood sugar levels too. Intake of Garcinia Cambogia helps to keep your blood sugar levels in check and also save you from the damaging consequences of sudden spikes or drops in the level of blood sugar. The glucose metabolism power of Garcinia has been tested on mice so far and the results were quite promising. So, we are looking forward to experimentation on human models soon.

  •  It helps to lower cholesterol levels

High levels of bad cholesterol can prove to be pretty dangerous. It may lead to coronary thrombosis and many other such fatal cardiovascular diseases. Garcinia Cambogia helps to optimize cholesterol balance in our body. The compounds and enzymes present in the fruit can lower the LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol) and boosts the levels of HDL Cholesterol (good cholesterol). Lowering of Cholesterol improves blood pressure levels too. That improves energy levels and your general health. A research paper published in the Phytotherapy Research Journal has talked about this hypocholesterolemic impact of this wonder fruit.

  • It reverses depression

There are certain compounds and enzymes present in Garcinia Cambogia that can function as anti-depressant. These compounds stimulate the production of ‘pleasure’ hormones known by the name of ‘Serotonin’. These pleasure hormones can lift one’s mood and bring one out of a depressive state of mind. This symbolizes a self-satisfying cycle. The compounds present in the fruit act on the neurotransmitters and help you stay calm and composed which in turn can help you focus on your weight loss goals in a better way.

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