Benefits of pumpkin: For a healthy weight loss diet

Benefits of pumpkin: For a healthy weight loss diet

In the depth of winters in October, people seek time for comfort, for good food & warmth. The wind is rising, and the air is wild with leaves & here comes the pumpkin- pulpy, happy & full of seeds.  Almost everyone relates pumpkin to a sweet dessert ‘halva’ made during Indian festivals. No one has the slightest idea that it’s the best food for weight loss. Though it looks humungous, this big & round plant veggie is widely used among vegetarians. A wide variety of soups, subzis & desserts are made out of pumpkins. Moreover, they are used for their pulp, seeds and seed oils. They are baked into cakes & pies added to lattes & smoothies, and even mashed, boiled and eaten as a healthy snack.

For many who find hard to have pumpkins & in order to stay fit and healthy for all seasons, people can opt for weight loss fruits such as Garcinia Cambogia which is available in the form of supplements lately. A perfect naturally processed supplement to boost metabolism and curb excess fat.  Well, for the love of pumpkins, let’s get back to find out about this wonder vegetable.

Owing to its nutritional richness, pumpkins are in devoid of fats, cholesterol & sodium. This makes them the ideal food for obesity. This vegetable encloses the hard pulp and seeds with thick outer covering. Also known as “kumbala kaaye” in Kannada, it comes with a wide range of health benefits. 

Can pumpkin help for weight loss?

Healthy eating & weight loss are synonyms to each other.  Losing weight is all about burning more calories than you are eating on an everyday basis. Let’s cut away all the junk food & embark on the journey of healthy low-calories foods with pumpkin. 

  1. Low-calorie food: A 200-gm raw pumpkin contains just 52 calories. You can take away whole lot of nutrition in relatively low number of calories.
  2. High in Fiber: To curb hunger pangs by keeping you full, fiber plays a very important role in weight loss. High in fiber this vegetable is good for digestion.
  3. Immunity booster: A healthy immune system is important for a healthy & quick weight loss.  The presence of beta carotene & vitamin C makes it an immune booster.
  4. Fights all stress & enhances the mood:  A natural mood booster called tryptophan, an amino acid is present in pumpkin. It fights stress & enhances the mood. An upbeat and positive mood is essential to help you stay on-course your weight loss and fitness regimen.
  5. A great post-workout food:  The presence of a sufficient amount of potassium in the vegetable makes it a great post-workout. A 200-gm pumpkin contains 700 mg of potassium, which is higher than the amount present in bananas. So, after your workout in the gym, grab a pumpkin. It helps your muscles to recover faster,

Pumpkin seeds for weight loss

It’s time to replace those oily junk foods with healthy pumpkin seeds. These tiny seeds carry a pack of healthy benefits.  They are one of the best snacks to lose weight naturally. These seeds are rich in iron, magnesium, protein, & vitamin B. They have high levels of essential fatty acids that help to balance cholesterol levels in the blood & maintain healthy blood vessels.

Bottom Line: Lose weight naturally by eating healthy foods

Nowadays with very little time to cook & eat, people, are slowly moving towards packed processed foods. It may save time but health will get deteriorated in the long run. So, eating healthy becomes very important to have a fruitful life.  Having fiber-rich vegetables such as pumpkin in your diet plan will help to lose weight naturally! Other healthy alternatives such as Garcinia Cambogia too can help you shed away extra kilos in a few months. 

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