Best diet plans for weight loss

Best diet plans for weight loss

If weight loss is the fort, then diet plan is the ruler of that fort”. It’s time to conquer the fort with best possible interest! Are you ready to lose weight? Well! There are so many ways to curb excess fat. Gone are those days of measuring tapes, people are on the verge of following diet plans which works the best for their body.  Few of them have even gone ahead to try out naturally processed supplements like Garcinia Cambogia with the leap of faith to lose fat naturally. Without any further due let me take you across the best diet plan that you can follow to burn the excess fat.

Time to kill some fat- It’s a long term lifestyle change

Before you embark on your journey for weight loss always think why you started at the first phase. Be it any diet plan it always boils down to a 3 way formula:

  1. To avoid junk food completely.
  2. Eat fruits, Vegetables & Greens.
  3. Indulge yourself with simple exercises or asanas.

Avoid junk food/fast food completely

Oops! Is it really possible? Well! Looking around the variety of foods that are available, it’s very hard to control our taste buds and cravings.  From a college going student to working professional, everybody would have tasted street food one or the other day! For the first time, you might feel happy after eating, the second time you might recommend to your friend & for the last time you will end up gaining weight together with your friend.  You just can’t point a finger at your friend or a portion of junk food.

Eating junk food or packaged ready to eat foods have perilous effects on the body. The major effect is increased obesity. Since it comprises of loads of sugar, calories, and fats, it can lead to some of the medical issues such as joint pain, heart diseases, depression, digestive issues and type2diabetes. 

Eat fruits, Vegetables & Greens for healthy life

Hurray! This is defiantly possible! Yes, eating certain fruits, vegetables & greens help to curb excess fat and also lead you to a path of “No disease No fat”. 

There are so many benefits associated with it. They are rich in proteins & minerals which keep you healthy and energized. Nature’s treat that provides the fiber that will make your digestive system to function properly.

You can have them in the form of salads, juices or even have it cooked or baked. Eat less from the box and eat more from the earth. 

Indulge yourself with simple exercises & asanas

Leading a healthy life is not just about having fruits and vegetables but also involving yourself with simple exercises or asanas. Exercise not only changes the body, it changes your mind, attitude and your mood. Give yourself sometime everyday to go for a walk, jog or do simple exercises like stretching and bending.  Excuses don’t burn calories exercises does!

 Bottom Line: Avoid junk food, eat fruits & veggies & run more a healthy lifestyle

Based on current stats and figures, obesity is sitting at the top of the table wrt the most dangerous epidemic to spread globally! The only way to control this is to mentally change your lifestyle and walk towards a healthy diet plan.

Before I wrap up, let me just give you some of the fruits & veggies that you can have to lose weight- Have Banana in the morning before a workout. Eat spinach frequently for low carbs diet. Eat more berries and watermelon to hydrate your body.

Let me not prolong any further, there is one more important category for food I thought of mentioning is millets. To mention a few- Brown rice, Quinoa barley, and Ragi are best grains for weight loss.

Eat healthy stay fit and avoid junk foods like sugar candy, coke, fries, pizzas, burgers, and roadside eateries. 


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