Best Exercises to lose weight and stay healthy

Best Exercises to lose weight and stay healthy

Still finding difficult to find a hole in your belt and struggling to tuck in your shirt? Hoping one day the belly will magically vanish? Desperately hoping to fit into the dress kept in your wardrobe? All your wishes can only be guaranteed through exercise. The first and foremost thing to follow in order to lose weight is to get up and move forward.  Keeping aside excuses, exercise daily to burn calories and tone your muscles. It’s never going to be happy go lucky way! You really need to sweat out to burn fat.  Though exercise plays a vital role, few of them have gone the unconventional ways to reduce fat.  Naturally processed supplements like Garcinia Cambogia have paved the way to the market to promote weight loss.  

Before we list out the best exercises for fat loss it’s very important to have a positive mindset and a healthy mindset to achieve your goals. It’s ideal to set goals for yourself to burn excess fat? How much you want to lose? Whether you are looking to get stronger or just enough to burn fat?  Hoping you will be consistent moving forward, here are the simple exercises you can folllow.

4 Best Exercises to shed away those extra kilos

Walk off your weight 

It’s believed that while walking great thoughts are conceived.  There is no particular time or path specific for walking. Did you know a brisk walk for 20 mins done on a daily basis can burn about 140 calories a day?

If you are looking forward to burning extra kilos, choose a path & start you’re walking. It’s the easiest exercise recommended for everyone irrespective of age. If you’re embarking your journey to lose weight from today, start off walking at least 3 days a week & clock 20 minutes every time. Turn your favorite music on and just keep walking.

                                                         Walking for weight loss

Surya Namaskar for life 

A complete body workout widely practiced worldwide. It’s considered as a warm-up exercise. It’s the best asana for weight loss. Practiced regularly it stretches the core muscles in the stomach area and helps to reduce weight.

This sun salutation comprises of 12 asanas or a series of 12 different poses. Make sure to breathe in and breathe between asanas to shed more weight.

                                                         Surya Namaskar for weight loss

Swim and splash your fat out 


Swimming is not just an exercise but it’s a sport that you will cherish after you dive into the pool. It keeps you stronger and healthier & you are bound to burn up to 800 calories in an hour of swimming. It works all the major muscles & a perfect exercise to lose weight.  Don’t count the laps make the laps count. Go ahead and swim your way to splash away your fat.

                                                         Swimming to lose belly fat

Everyday Abs for weight loss

If you’re hitting a gym, they will reserve a day for Abs workout. If you got to get in shape & lose weight than you got to do the abs workout every day.  It’s an abdominal workout that stretches your back, butt and strengthens your core.

There are several exercises that fall under abs workout:

1. Crunches to shed extra kilos 

Lie on the mat and keep your knees bent & your hands behind your head. Lift your shoulders slowly off the floor and curl your legs towards your ribcage and then return back to starting position. Do it again for 10 counts with 3 repetitions for maximum benefit.

                                                         Crunches to reduce tummy

2. Plank your way to burn calories

Lie down on a mat with hands and legs point towards the mat. Slowly lift yourself up and come into a plank position. Keep your body straight and long and press your feet and hand firmly for support. If you are a beginner then hold it for a minute or so and repeat again. Trust me it’s going to be difficult but ultimately worth it by the end of the day.                                                 

                                                         Planks for weight loss

Bottom Line: Begin your journey with a simple exercise and lose weight naturally!

It’s never too late to start to exercise. All you got to start believing in yourself and make up your mind to exercise consistently without excuses. More importantly, follow a healthy diet plan & consume naturally processed food like Garcinia Cambogia to keep your body full and to avoid cravings.


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