Best Exercises to Reduce Back Fat For Women

Best Exercises to Reduce Back Fat For Women

20 Best Exercises to Reduce Back Fat For Women

Back fat can make you look ungainly and it can also be a cause for diabetes as well as infertility. Get rid of back fat before it causes health problems. Do it the easy way with these exercises to reduce back fat for women.


Warm up before you start exercises in order to avoid injury to muscles and tendons. You can do arm circles, shoulder circles, head tilts and turns, lunges, jumping jacks and spot jogging as well as body twists. Now that you are warmed up you can start exercising to reduce back fat.



Give the muscles of your shoulders a good workout by boxing for a half hour. Just hang a punching bag, put on gloves and get going. Do rounds of 2 minutes with some rest in between for about 20 to 30 minutes.



This is best done in a gym where you can find a rowing machine. Adjust setting and start with gentle strokes, gradually progressing to more strength as you progress from one day to the next.



Swimming is enjoyable and your entire body is trimmed. Make sure to swim for at least 20 to 30 minutes.



Jogging does help burn fat from all over the body, not just the back. Run at intervals. Run fast for five minutes, walk and the resume running. Do this for a half hour, five times a week.



You can do this at home. Get an old inner tube from a bicycle tyre. Loop it around your feet or around a hook on the wall. Sit and pull the tube in a way that your elbows go behind your body and hold position.


Body twists

Sit on the floor with legs straight and then stretch both arms to one side of the body and twist towards that side. Twist the other way and keep repeating.


Sit up

Lie down on the floor, hands behind your back and lift your upper body. Make sure your buttocks and legs stay flat on the floor. Repeat.


Dumbbell row

Hold a dumbbell in each hand, stand, bend forwards and push your hip back. Bend knees a little and roll back shoulders while pushing your chest out. Next, flex elbows and bend arms slightly while pulling arms back until elbows are just behind the shoulders. Resume and repeat.


Rear delt raise

This is good for shoulder muscles and to burn shoulder fat. Take a dumbbell in each hand and stand. Bend and extend arms at an angle. Push the upper back down and look down. Next, bend your elbows and pull arms back so that the elbows point straight up. Repeat this exercise about 20 times.


Pull ups

You can do this at home if you can fit a strong pipe and if not, then you can do it at the gym. Hang from the pipe, holding it from the front, palms facing outward. Pull yourself up and hold position for a second. Bring yourself down slowly.



Lie face down, elbows by your side, palms on the floor. Raise your upper body. Hold position and then lower your body. Repeat for as many times as you can with rests in between. If you cannot do it lying down, you can stand in a doorway or against the wall and push up against it.



Lie down on your back, arms by your side. Bend your knees and keep head and shoulders on the floor. Next, raise your mid section to form an arch.



Planks trim shoulder and abdominal fat too. Lie face down. Raise your body using your arms and support lower body on your toes. Keep arms straight and shoulders together when you raise your body and your lower back arched up. Hold position and repeat.


 Rope jumping

Rope jumping is an excellent way to trim fat from all over your body and your shoulders and arms also get a good workout.



Take the support of a wall to do this. Lie down on the floor and then use your feet to go up the wall. Support your head and beck by using your arms for support on the floor and raise your body high. Raise and lower yourself by bending your arms.


Cheerleader weights

Stand with feet slightly apart and a dumbbell in each hand and cross hands in front at shoulder level. Then pull back arms and raise them. Return to original position and cross arms next time you pull back your arms.


 Back row tap

Stand with dumbbell in each hand. Move one leg forward and bend the knee. Move one leg behind you and keep it straight. Bend body forwards and extend arms. Squat and then start moving arms forwards and backwards. Repeat by changing legs position.


 Flying passé

Stand. Bend forward and support body with one hand. Keep right leg on the floor and raise left leg. Keep left hand on the floor and right arm in the air. Now extend the left leg as far as you can and twist your abdomen. Return to original position and repeat. Alternate leg positions and arm positions.


Lat pull-Down

You can do this at the gym using the lat pull-down machine. Take hold of the overhead bar attached to the pulley and pull it down. Sit with face towards the machine. Lean back and pull rod down using elbow strength and bring rod to chest. Release rod until hands straighten. Repeat.


Lat machine cable row

Sit down facing the machine. Take hold of the grips. Bend knees keeping feet on the footrest and arms extended. Pull back your shoulder blades and bend the elbows bringing the attachment to your abdomen. Return to starting point. Repeat.


Reverse fly

Take hold of a dumbbell in each hand and stand. Bend your body and extend arms to the sides so that they are at shoulder level. Hold position. Return arms to original position and repeat. Remember to keep spine and head straight.

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