Celery Juice for Weight Loss

Celery Juice for Weight Loss

We all know the use of celery in various cuisines around the globe. The stalks and tender leaves of this green herb can indeed add a dash of flavor to your dishes but when juiced, celery can make an incredible, low calorie green smoothie for dropping your excess pounds. Weight loss with celery juice is one of the current trends and this chlorophyll rich, fiber loaded green drink is much loved by the weight watchers who are really eager to lose weight fast…Now, how does celery actually help in weight loss. To learn in details about the celery benefits for weight loss, read on…

1 Celery is the perfect detox drink

Celery can make the perfect detox drink. The drink purges your liver of toxins and excess estrogen. When toxins are eliminated from your system, your body’s metabolic rate is revved up and that speeds up fat burning for you.

2  Celery is low in Calorie

Celery juice is significantly low in  Calorie 16 ounces of celery juice contains not more than 85 calories. That makes celery a perfect weight loss beverage that can be used as a perfect substitute for sugary, high calorie beverages like sweetened coffee, soda etc.

3  Celery is anti-inflammatory by nature

Celery helps to reduce inflammation; one of the greatest foes for weight watchers. Inflammation can stand in the way of fat shedding and slow down your weight loss journey.

4  Celery is a hormone stabilizer

Drinking celery juice for weight loss can stabilize cortisol levels and thyroid levels and give a big boost to your metabolic rate. Thus you would burn more fat than usual.

5   Celery improves digestion power

Drinking Celery juice for weight loss can improve your digestion power. Thus you would assimilate food in a better way and absorb nutrients from food like never before. Improved digestion and gut health can speed up fat burning by boosting your metabolic rate.

6   Celery curbs hunger

Celery is loaded with plant fiber. 16 ounce of celery juice is likely contains half gram fiber. Fiber takes time to digest thereby making you feel full for long. That will stop you from overeating, unhealthy binging and help in healthy weight management.

7  Celery helps you lose water weight

Losing water weight can help you slim down fast. Celery has diuretic properties and thus, allows your body to eliminate excess water from your system. That speeds up your weight loss process.

8    Celery promotes fat breakdown 

According to research celery has in it certain enzymes that trigger fat combustion. Therefore the stored excess fat in your body soon get depleted making you slim and trim in just no time!

9    Celery facilitates smooth bowel movement

The fiber in Celery adds bulk to your excreta and allows easy bowel movement and effective gut cleansing. When your gut is cleansed, your body would be able to remove all toxins from system and that would give a powerful boost to your metabolism.

Tips for using celery for weight loss the right way

Here are some tips you need to follow in order to maximize celery juice weight loss results:

  1. 16 ounce of celery juice per day can bring about healthy weight loss
  2. You need to drink the juice prior to breakfast in empty stomach
  3. You can enrich the nutritional profile of the drink by adding some healthy punch; i.e. you can add other veggies and fruits such as kale, cucumber, tomato, carrot, beetroot etc to your celery juice to make it all the more filling.
  4. It is best for you to drink celery juice in smoothie form rather clear watery juice. If you are removing the pulp from the juice by straining you are actually eliminating the fiber content and a part of the nutrients present in celery. This would reduce the weight loss power of celery juice.
  5. Drink only freshly prepared celery juice. If you store celery juice and drink after long hours from the time of extraction, you may not feel it’s true nutritional power.

Celery juice recipe

  1. Get a bunch of fresh celery that includes both stalks and leaves
  2. Wash thoroughly under running water to remove all dust and grime
  3. Now blend the celery juice in blender
  4. Add roasted cumin seed powder or jal jeera
  5. Add a pinch of black salt
  6. Squeeze in the juice of half a lemon and drink fresh

If you wish to add some sweetness to your glass of celery juice, you could add a cube or two of pineapple or apple. That would make your celery juice all the more palatable.

If you have planned to take celery juice for weight loss you need to take special care in case you have issues related to high blood pressure. The high sodium content of Celery can lead to a spike in blood pressure and may even lead to cerebral strokes. So, you need to talk to your doctor prior to opting for celery juice for weight loss.

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