Do carbonated drinks lead to obesity

Do carbonated drinks lead to obesity

With heat waves whirling around, the days have become hotter every day. People have succumbed to the hot weather & in order to quench their thirst, carbonated drinks or the so called fizzy drinks have become the “GO TO DRINK”. Be it a party or any function at home, generally we serve with open bubbles of a carbonated drink. It’s the sound of the soda when poured makes us feel that we  are having a cool frosty one for rejoicing but internally it is causing a lot of health issues. So does carbonated drinks causes weight gain? What are the other alternatives? How to lose weight naturally?

In the sedentary life that we follow, there is no doubt that people are having difficult time is losing weight and it seems obesity has widely spread all over the world like an epidemic causing a perilous problem. One of the main causes of weight gain is due to consuming carbonated beverages. There are many ways by which carbonated drinks causes weight gain. It’s become one of the single largest contributors for obesity.

As a matter of fact, carbonated drinks are just flavored sugary water. Most of the drinks are sweetened with high fructose corn syrup. Quite understandably, it is only a form of sugar but rather harmful when you look under it. It’s not just the amount of calories that is high in fructose syrup that is bad for health but it suppresses the natural ability of the body to digest the food and also makes you consume more. If included in diet regularly, we may end up in an insatiable appetite.

Consuming sodas or the sugary drinks lead to type 2 diabetes even among teenagers. Many logical studies show consuming added sugar or sugar sweet beverages is associated with increased risk of disease.

What happens in your body after drinking a glass of carbonated beverages or any soda?

Here is what happens when you drink a glass of any carbonated drink or any soda. Within 20 minutes of downing it, there is a spiky amount of sugar in your blood. That quick search in blood sugar overwhelms the body’s ability to use all the sugar that is sent so that liver converts in to fat and stores it. Rigorous consumption over a period of time and continued consumption everyday makes the fat around the internal organs, around the liver, around the kidneys increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

To stop or avoid the progression of chronic disease, it becomes critical & important to educate people about the science behind the liquid sugar unique effect on our body’s internal systems.  

Bottom Line: Avoid carbonated drinks and aim to lose weight naturally!
Sugar loaded drinks or sodas have become the part of the diet. Over a period of time, consumption of sugary beverages has gone from having a “pop” as occasional drink to making it as a part of everyday lives. This has caused weight gain issues among many. In order to overcome obesity & to stay fit, people are inclined towards natural way of losing fat with Garcina Cambogia (A natural supplement with numerable health benefits.)

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