Does Cycling Really Help to Reduce Belly Fat

Does Cycling Really Help to Reduce Belly Fat

So far no miracle pill or ointment has been invented that will make belly fat magically disappear overnight. It is no easy task to reduce belly fat but cycling is an easy exercise compared to jogging and it does, in its small way, help to reduce fat.

Fat and calories

One kilo of fat contains about 9000 calories. If you cycle for an hour then you can burn about 500 calories. This means if you go at a moderate pace and go cycling for an hour every day then it will take you almost 20 days to reduce one kilo of fat. This, of course, assumes that you are eating a diet that does not add more calories than you burn. You can go cycling for 2 hours to burn more calories or you can cycle vigorously to burn more calories per hour. Keep in mind that cycling (or any other workout) does not have a spot effect of targeting only fat on your belly. It tones your entire body.

Cycling may be better

If you walk vigorously you will burn calories. If you jog it is even better since you will burn more calories. However, the problem with these two forms of workout or aerobic training is that you cannot sustain the high intensity walk or run for a longer time. So you are back to square one. You may run for 10 minutes so you have not burnt all that many calories. This is one reason to go cycling to burn fat the gentle way.

The overweight can go cycling but running is tough for them

Talking about the gentle way, cycling is certainly gentler on your spine and legs since you will be seated and your legs will be doing most of the work. This means those who are overweight and find it difficult to run will find cycling easier. Overweight people may find that running can put quite a load on their knees and feet too. Injuries are more likely. Cycling is gentle. You can go cycling for an hour or even more at a leisurely pace. You can use the cycle to go shopping or even go to work. What this means is that cycling is an activity that you can sustain whereas some people may give up on jogging or swimming or fast walking after some time. Consistency in cycling regularly is what will get results. You can go cycling for a half hour or an hour in the morning and you can go cycling at night.

Go cycling for at least five days a week

Jogging for a half hour is tough but you can go cycling at a fairly brisk pace for an hour each day for five days a week. In a month you will notice reduction in weight and, in six months, the weight loss due to cycling can be obvious. Of course, it bears repetition that cycling for burning belly fat works best when allied with a suitable diet program.

Go fast to burn more fat

If you want to burn more belly fat then you will find that cycling as fast as you can is more effective. You need not do it continuously for an hour. For example, you can ride your cycle as fast as you can for 10 minutes. Then you can slow down for five minutes and then go fast. This type of interval training in cycling is more efficient and quick at burning belly fat. Even if you cannot go cycling at the fastest possible speed for 10 minutes you can do it for a minute or two. This type of workout puts your body into fat burning mode, increases heart rate and also helps generate human growth hormone that helps to burn fat and reduce appetite too. However, a word of caution. Do not overdo it in the hope of burning more fat within a short time. It is best to do high intensity cycling for only brief periods and then cycle for longer stretches at a moderate pace. The ideal mix is 80% of the time spent in leisurely cycling and 20% at high speed cycling.

Fast before you ride

No, this does not mean speed. Fast means you do not eat anything before you to cycling. Ideally, morning is the best time. You can go cycling on an empty stomach and this will boost metabolic rate for the rest of the day and also burn fat from your belly better.

Doing it outdoors is better

Cycling is good to burn belly fat. Now you know. So do not go out and buy an indoor stationary bike. You will soon tire of cycling in the same place indoors. Half the fun of cycling is in feeling the wind, watching the sights as you cycle past and, hopefully, completing some shopping or errand. Can you do it on a stationary bike? You cannot. Get a real bike and go outdoors for real cycling. Go cycling to work. If you have a purpose you will stay committed.

Is a geared bike better? It may be because it lets you adjust settings of how much effort you have to put in simply by shifting gears. For instance in low gear you may have to put in less effort but you will have to turn your legs fast. This is useful when climbing up a slope and doing so could also burn more fat even if you cannot get far.

Food does matter

People have been known to go out on an extended morning walk or a jog and then gorge on fattening foods. You will never lose much weight this way. Design a diet in which you have less of carbohydrates and more of proteins and fats. Give up sugar altogether. Reduce salt intake. Avoid refined flour.

Cycling does show result in burning fat. It takes time and sustained effort. Your fat may burn slowly but you will definitely feel a changed person with more energy in you when you go cycling and that too in the morning. A one-hour’s ride will work magic.

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