Does jaggery help in losing weight

Does jaggery help in losing weight


Are you one of those people who are ok with adding a pinch of white sugar to the coffee for sweetness? Are you finding it hard to prepare deserts without sugar? Well! Consuming sugar will only add fat to the body and also leads to diabetes in no time. Not to worry though, you can still continue to have coffee and eat deserts made of natural sweetener Jaggery. It is a perfect substitute for white sugar.  Jaggery is a natural product made from sugarcane juice.

The sugarcane juice is first boiled in a container and is allowed to cool and finally poured into macro containers to crystallize. With 25% moisture & 50% sucrose & nutrients, this vitamin, and mineral-rich jaggery have proved to be the best remedy to lose weight naturally.

Also known as “Bella” in Kannada, this natural sweetener boosts immunity & keeps the body warm.  Despite its unrefined natural raw appearance, it’s hard to deny the health benefits associated with Jaggery. If you feel jaggery is too sweet to have it on a regular basis, you certainly can switch to another natural weight loss product in the form of a supplement called Garcinia Cambogia. Well! What better alternative to promote weight loss. It’s a natural fat burner with no side effects which you can be consumed without any hesitation. 

Does jaggery help in losing weight?

Quite recently, I saw a post by my friend on social media about jaggery. He is a farmer who had grown sugar cane in his village. His post was on the benefits associated with jaggery and how people with obesity started to lose weight after replacing sugar with jaggery in their diet plan.

It’s quite remarkable to see the responses and to see how younger generation digital savvy people are going towards the natural way of losing the excess fat. Enriched with the goodness of fibers, proteins, and minerals, this golden brown super food has amazing benefits which will keep you in awe.  

4 Amazing benefits of Jaggery:

  • It provides relief from constipation and stimulates bowel movements.
  •  For flu and cough- Add a spoon of jaggery to a glass of warm water and drink it.
  • Keeps away respiratory problems such as Asthma & Bronchitis.
  • Rich in antioxidants and minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, iron and selenium which boosts immunity & controls blood pressure.

Surprising benefit of jaggery- Aid for weight loss:

  1. It retains water in the body as it stores essential minerals such as potassium which controls the retention of water. Jaggery has a storehouse of essential minerals including potassium. It helps to control the retention of water in your body.
  2. It’s high in minerals and vitamins which enhances the ability to induce weight loss. This nutrient-rich food helps to balance the entire electrolyte and improves metabolism. Thus, include this natural medicinal sweetener in your daily diet to gain strength and to maintain a well-toned body & build muscles. 

Jaggery sweet recipe for weight loss:

  • Jaggery chikki: It’s a quite simple and popular dish made with jaggery. You can call it as sweet candy.


Here are the ingredients required to make chikki:

  1. Jaggery- medium size ball(Available in the market)
  2. Few peeled peanuts
  3. Ghee to smear on the plate
  4. Few sesame seeds 

How to prepare chikki:

  1. Roast the sesame seeds first and allow it to cool.
  2. Heat the jaggery for about 2 minutes on medium flame.
  3. Turn off the flame immediately after the jaggery turns in the dark brownish color.
  4. Finally add sesame seeds and peasants to this molten jaggery.
  5. Pour this mixture on the plate and keep for drying.
  6. Cut with knife in to the shape of your choice and your sugar candy is ready to eat.

Bottom line: Have 2 tablespoon of jaggery a day and lose weight considerably

It’s very important to control the intake of jaggery on a daily basis. Too much jaggery a day can reverse the process and you may end up gaining more weight. Diabetic patients are generally advised not to consume jaggery as it contains sugar in it. Take some precautionary measures and include this super healthy natural sweetener in your kitchen to witness good health benefits and lose weight the jaggery way!