Drinks to lose weight in a week

Drinks to lose weight in a week

Drinks to lose weight in a week

While we embark on our weight loss journey, we are advised by many to stick to a liquid diet for the quickest results. The very thought of an all-liquid diet may be daunting for many though some may still try it. But the majority of weight watchers will generally opt for the middle path; i.e. a balanced diet consisting of both ‘liquids’ and low carb ‘solids’.

 When it comes to drinking liquids for weight loss, the idea of drinking just plain water may not amuse the weight loss enthusiasts much. To make things less boring and more of fun, one could prepare certain slimming drinks high in nutrients and fiber and also great in taste. These weight loss boosting; body shaping drinks can expedite fat burning by boosting the body’s metabolic rate and curbing your appetite. Also, such weight loss drinks can improve digestion, strengthen immune system, heighten energy levels and improve your overall health. Weight loss drinks also contain substantial amount of water in them. That aids in flushing the toxins out and makes your systems run in top gear.

These drinks are usually made out of low calorie, all-natural, fresh ingredients and can be made at home with ease. Sipping from such drinks is absolutely free from side-effects and indeed paves the way from a well contoured, lean and attractive body. Here are some of the best weight loss drinks you could try for yourself…Read on to learn more:

Pineapple & Cinnamon Drink

Pineapple and Cinnamon drink is an amazing drink to speed up metabolism & fat burning. 1 tsp cinnamon powder is mingled with freshly extracted juice of pineapple and is added with a dash of black salt for taste. Bromelain enzyme in pineapple reduces inflammation and bloating while cinnamon curbs appetite, helps in blood glucose management and boosts the lipid parameters too. This drink will size you down in just no time!

Apple cider vinegar + Water Drink

Apple cider vinegar diluted with water makes a great drink especially if you are looking to lose weight around your tummy. This drink balances stomach PH effectively and also stimulates bile secretion, thereby keeping your tummy from bulging out. Take this drink regularly to get a flatter tummy by New Year!

Lemon & Ginger Drink

Lemon and Ginger Drink can prove to be a very effective weight loss drink consisting in the goodness of natural ingredients like lemon and ginger. Lemon is known to regulate satiety levels while ginger checks abdominal bloating. Mix the juice of half a lemon in lukewarm water, add 1 inch of freshly ground ginger root and also honey if you wish to. Take a glassful of this every morning in empty stomach and give a wakeup call to your body’s metabolism.

Matcha Green Tea

Sipping from a cup of this translucent greenish liquid can actually yield tremendous results for the weight watchers. Matcha green tea is rich in a kind of antioxidant known by the name of Catechins. Catechins help in weight loss by speeding up the fat combustion process. Green tea also contains caffeine that is well known for boosting metabolism in human body.

Protein shakes/smoothies

A protein rich drink can suppress appetite, keep you full for long and thus curb overeating tendencies. According to recent findings, protein can lessen the levels of ghrelin; a hunger inducing hormone and boost the levels of GLP-1, a hunger curbing hormone. Thus, you feel less hungry after you have drunk a glassful of protein shake. You could consider adding a whey protein or hemp protein powder to a glass of skimmed milk or unsweetened banana smoothie to give yourself a wholesome, filling weight loss drink.


According to several studies, Coffee helps in weight management quite effectively. Coffee drinkers around the globe tend to be slim and trim as caffeine in coffee has been seen to boost metabolism, boost fat burning and diminish the intake of calories.

Coconut water & Fennel seeds Drink

Take 1tbsp ground fennel seeds and mix with coconut water to make a delicious, energizing weight loss drink. Coconut water acts as a great appetite suppressant while fennel seeds check bloating and also helps in flushing out toxins from your system. Taking a glassful of this drink everyday will help you lose weight within just a few days.

Celery & Cucumber drink

Add 1 cup of celery and 1 cup of diced cucumber in a blender, add some water and make fresh drink. Add ½ tsp pepper powder and ½ tsp lemon juice to make a very powerful weight loss drink high in fiber and negative calories.

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