Hair Care Tips for Men

Hair Care Tips for Men

In the marriage market men who are bald or have started to develop bald patches are often rejected by women trying to find a match. Most women would find the idea of getting married to a bald man pretty horrifying. Even men who are bald become embarrassed due to their issue and often shy away from social gatherings. Unfortunately hair issues like dandruff and male pattern baldness tend to hit men more than women...and baldness ceases to remain a hair woe merely. In no time, it may become a confidence crusher for men who suffer from it, thereby affecting their overall life in several negative ways. However, if men start caring for their hair early in life, they can actually avert some of the major hair issues to some extent...Here are some of the best hair care tips for men...Read on to learn:

Make sure to use a conditioner post hair wash

Most men tend to just rinse their hair with a shampoo...they often overlook the importance of using a conditioner post shampooing. But using conditioner is an essential part of the routine for hair care for men. Conditioner can leave the hair feeling smooth and soft after hair wash. Shampoo in most cases strip hair of the natural oil leaving hair dry, brittle and breakage prone. Use of a conditioner after shampoo can allow the conditioning agents to act as a polish for your hair keeping dryness and associated problems at bay.

1 Don’t go over the board with styling

To get the smart hair look, most men take resort to styling products such as wax, mousse or gel. But they often forget the ‘chemicals’ they are exposing their hair to by using such styling products. The chemicals present in styling products may eventually cause an irreparable damage to your hair and trigger hair fall & baldness in the long run.

2 Pay heed to the shampoo you use

Men tend to pick shampoos non-discerningly & randomly for their hair washes. But, the kind of shampoo you use does matter. Mild herbal shampoos will generally be low in chemicals when compared to regular popular shampoos flooding the market. Using mild herbal shampoos like Nutratimes Shampoo thus can help you maintain healthy hair contrary to what a regular shampoo would do.

3 Washing hair often is not the only way to care for hair

Most men believe that if they are washing their hair frequently, they are doing the best for their hair. But experts think differently...According to critical consensus, too much of hair washing can do more harm than good. Too many washes can leave your hair stripped of all moisture and natural oils. The result will be frizzy, dry hair that tends to break or tangle easily.

4 Rubbing hard can lead to hair damage

Men tend to dry their hair by rubbing too hard but that’s not a wise thing to do. When your hair is still wet your hair tends to be quite delicate. Rubbing harshly can damage your hair and trigger hair fall. So, be gentle on your hair...pat it dry gently instead of rubbing it hard.

5 Be wise while choosing hair colour

Most men tend to start greying by the time they have crossed 30 years of age and to conceal their gray hair and retain their youthful look they choose to colour their hair. The market is flooded with a plethora of hair colours but not all are good for you. Ammonia based hair colours can bring irreparable damage to your hair in the long run and can even make you bald! So, you need to go for a hair colour that’s free from Ammonia and is fortified by hair nourishing and strengthening proteins.

6 Swimming can take a toll on your hair health

Men love fact; it is one of their favourite hobbies. But, the chlorine present in the waters of a swimming pool can prove to be fatal for your hair. Hair exposed to the chlorinated waters of the swimming pool tends to get damaged quickly and fall off. If you want to save your hair while at the same time enjoy your hobby make sure to enter swimming pool after dabbing your hair generously with a conditioner or after wearing a swim cap.

7 Over Combing is a strict ‘No-No’

Men who have already started to experience thinning of hair tend to comb their hair often in order to hide their bald patches with a layer of existing hair. But, that isn’t a wise thing to do. Over combing may exacerbate baldness by triggering hair fall. What you could do is go for a hair cut that’s compatible to your already thinned hair.

8 Oiling & keeping hair well trimmed is important

Most men are lazy about two things when it comes to ‘hair care’; i.e. oiling hair & Trimming hair. Oiling of hair can condition hair and nourish the hair roots while trimming of hair once in a month can keep dirt and grime away from your hair and can also treat split ends, giving your hair an overall healthy look. While oiling hair you may use the highly nourishing Nutratimes Hair Oil infused with the power of potent Kerala herbs. This oil is the one that can nurture your hair the best possible way.

Men who are conscious about their hair or who wish to avoid becoming bald anyhow may consider abiding by the above mentioned men’s hair care tips for best results.

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