Healthy ways to lose Weight with PCOS

Healthy ways to lose Weight with PCOS

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome or PCOS is a gynecological disorder that consists in the formation of multiple cysts in one or more ovaries. PCOS results in severe hormonal imbalances, insulin resistance, irregular menstruation, infertility, growth of facial hair, inflammation and massive weight gain for the sufferers.  7% of the adult women population worldwide is affected by PCOS and the problem strikes mostly during the child bearing age. Women with PCOS are pathetically fat and find it very difficult to lose weight.

Shedding even 10% of body weight could help a PCOS affected woman manage the other PCOS symptoms. A woman who has been diagnosed with PCOS should in fact stop lamenting over the issue and focus on following a healthy lifestyle. Diet plays an important role in helping you stay ‘healthy’ and weigh ‘healthy’ despite your PCOS. So, if you have PCO you need to first switch to a healthy, de-fattening diet for good shape, size & health.

What should be the ideal PCOS diet for weight loss?

The greatest foe for PCOS is insulin instability. Actually unstable insulin levels trigger weight gain for women affected by PCOs. So, a diet that helps you manage insulin instability can help you manage the weight gain too. In other words, an ideal weight loss diet should definitely be a low GI Diet. The key features of an ideal diet for PCO weight loss are as follows:

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Low carb
  • Nutrients rich
  • Fiber rich
  • Protein rich
  • Healthy fats containing
  • Fermented foods

However, it needs to be borne in mind that diet alone will not work. For PCO weight loss you need proper medical assistance & regular exercises too.

Foods to be included in a PCOS Weight Loss Diet Plan

1 Green leafy veggies

Green leafy veggies are rich in essential Vitamins & Minerals. The leafy veggies will usually contain Vitamins like Vitamin B, C, E, K and Minerals like potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron. Vitamin B can stabilize hormones, boost Thyroid gland functions, metabolize fat and even boost chances of fertility. Calcium facilitates development of Ovaries. Potassium helps in stabilizing Follicle Stimulation Hormones and the various other minerals present in green leafy veggies can help you manage glucose intolerance.

2  Colorful veggies

The colorful veggies are rich in antioxidants that help in oxidative stress management in PCOS sufferers.

3  Fruits

It is true that fruits will have sucrose in them and sucrose can lead to blood sugar spikes making things worse for a PCOS sufferer. But eliminating fruits completely from diet could deprive you of the various poly-nutrients, vitamins, minerals and fibers present in fruits. So, what you can do is choose only the fruits that have a low glycemic index. Examples of such fruits are: strawberries, cantaloupes, kiwifruits, apples, oranges, pears, guavas, apricots, limes, watermelons

4  Healthy fats

It is a fallacy that PCOS-affected women cannot take fats at all. Vitamin B, D and vital fatty acids present in healthy fats can help in managing PCOs symptoms to some extent. Examples of healthy fats are: Oily fishes like Salmon, Nuts (Pecans, Almonds, Walnut, Pistachio, Cashew, Peanuts etc), Oily fruits like Avocado, Olive Oil etc.

5  Carbs with Low GI

It’s true that carbs can cause spikes in blood sugar levels but eliminating carbs completely from diet may make you feel weak and fatigued. So, the best strategy is to include only the low GI Carbs. Low GI Carbs break-down will happen slowly. Thus, the possibility of sudden sugar spikes will be low in case of Low GI Carbs. Legumes, beans, pulses and non-starchy veggies are some examples of low GI Carb sources.

6 Organic lean meat

Organic lean meat is rich in proteins and proteins are needed for fat metabolism. Fat metabolism can pave the way for a healthier body and weight management. Thus, women suffering from PCOs can lose weight and manage symptoms better.

Foods to be excluded from a PCOS Weight Loss Diet Plan

Certain foods need to be avoided when you have PCOS. Avoiding the following foods can help you manage your weight even when you are a PCO sufferer…Read below:

1 Drop sugar

The extra calories that sugar adds to your body can cause severe insulin resistance and even diabetes. With diabetes and PCO both, it will be pretty hard for you to drop your excess pounds. If you cannot do without a sweetener, you may use a low calorie natural sweetener like Stevia.

2 Say ‘No’ to high GI Foods

High GI Foods like white rice, pasta, ice creams, sodas, flavored yoghurts, candies etc can cause an immediate spike in blood glucose levels and worsen your insulin resistance issue and also the PCOs related issues.

3 Stay away from Soy products

Soy products like soy milk, soya bean, soya chunks, tofu need to be avoided as those can delay ovulation and make things all the more difficult for a woman with PCO.

4 Eliminate Dairy Products

Dairy products like milk, cheese, paneer, yoghurt, butter etc need to be avoided as such products can cause a spike in the level of the testosterone hormone in a female body and complicate things for a PCO sufferer.

5 Bid Good Bye to Unhealthy fats

Unhealthy fats like trans fats, hydrogenated fats and saturated fats can trigger fat production and accumulation for PCO sufferers. Sources of unhealthy fats are red meat, certain dairy products.

6 Give up Caffeine

Caffeine in coffee can interfere with fertility and can aggravate the symptoms of PCO. Thus, if you are a coffee lover you should consider giving it up.

Vegetarian PCOS Weight Loss Diet Plan

Vegetarian pcos weight loss diet plan

Non-Vegetarian PCOS Weight Loss Diet Plan

Non veg pcos meal plan

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