How to get rid of back fat

How to get rid of back fat

Once you reach your middle age the annoying loose fat popping out of your upper back starts showing and you start missing that toned & taut back look of the youthful years. Unfortunately back fat loves to sit on your back forever and isn’t that easy to get rid of.

If you wish to get rid of your back fat you really need to try hard…a multi-step fat reduction approach needs to be adopted to break the stubborn back fat deposits and drop them out!

Will power can help you achieve even the most difficult targets. So, if you are truly determined to eliminate that unwanted hump on your back, you can do it provided you are more organized & disciplined with your weight loss endeavors. Here are some of the best ways that could help you get rid of even the most stubborn back fat…Read on to learn more…

Causes of back fat

Before finding out the solution, we need to first understand the causes of back fat:

  • Genetic predisposition can trigger back fat accumulation as we all humans are predisposed to bear more fat in certain specific zones of our body.
  • Insufficient usage of back muscles can lead to muscular atrophy, weakening and loosening of muscles. Loosened muscles can lead to jiggly pockets on your back allowing room for fat accumulation.
  • Trying to spot reduce back fat can only delay the entire process of back fat reduction and increase the volume of fat deposits overtime. Spot reduction is scientifically not possible. You can lose back fat only when you lose overall body fat.
  • Excess fat deposits in your body can show itself anywhere and you just don’t have any control over it. Excess fat may appear on your belly, your thighs, your butt and even on your upper back.
  • The hormonal fluctuations and imbalances that occur as part of the aging process may also trigger the development of back fat.
  • Improper posture can aggravate back fat issue as the fat underneath your skin will puddle over making the fat pockets in your upper back bulge out all the more.

Ways to get rid of back fat

Here are few ways through which you can manage your back fat issue efficiently. Learn more:

1 Eat right

Eating a nutritious diet low in calories, high in fiber and proteins and eating healthy carbs and fat rather than the harmful ones can help you with losing back fat. Avoiding oily foods, sugary foods and foods high in sodium and saturated fats can be helpful too. Also, you need to control your portion sizes and keep a strict check on daily calorie intake. Cooking healthy meals at home is far better than eating pre-packaged or ready to eat meals high in sodium, fat, oil and preservatives.

2 Do the right workout

Cardio Exercises are powerful exercises that can help you get rid of even the most stubborn, pesky back fat deposits. 5 sessions of cardio exercises across the span of a week with each session being 60 minutes in length will help you shrink down those unwanted bra bulges. Boxing, rowing, swimming are the best ever cardio exercises. To intensify your cardio sessions, practice interval training like Tabata Intervals, HIIT Workouts in between the cardio exercises. Interval training triggers after-burn effect which means you would burn 200 additional calories post workout; i.e. even when your body is resting.

Targeted back muscles strength training too needs to be combined with cardio to bring your back into shape again. A combo strength training and intense cardio is the secret to have a backless dress friendly back!

Side crunches, bent-over-the-dumbbell row, pull-ups, push-ups, bridges, straight arm planks, resistant band rowing, jump rope are some best exercises for a leaner back.

3 Try toning your back

The 4 main muscles that your back is made up of, need to be strengthened to give your back a well toned, proportioned look. Posture improving targeted workouts can sculpt your back to the perfect shape.

4 Practice yoga

Give a waking call to the yogi in you. Yoga postures are ancient healing poses that can give you a well sculpted back. Yogic postures that consist in optimum use of back muscles can shape your back up. Taking the guidance of a specialized yoga instructor can help in this regard.

5 Drink Water generously

Water is the healthiest beverage. Drinking 7-8 glasses of water per day can hydrate your system and also speed up your metabolism. Speeded up metabolism also helps you burn more fat than usual. Water also has a hunger suppressing attribute which means drinking more water would cause you to eat fewer calories only.

6 Sleep the way you should

To let your body function normally you need to sleep sound for at least 6-7 hrs each day. Without proper sleep, you cannot function properly. Lack of sleep also leads to increase hunger and overeating thereby worsening the situation.

7 Exercise moderation with boozing

Alcohol is high in calories. Each gram of alcohol contains 7 calories. Thus, if you take to reckless drinking you will add a whole lot of excess calories to your body and that’ll help you in no way in achieving a lean, well sculpted back. So, exercise moderation while boozing if you at all wish to get rid of your back fat.

8 Combat stress

Stress can play havoc with your body. Stress hormones that develop in your body due to high levels of stress can lead to slowed down metabolism and impulse eating. So, managing stress can help you manage your overall weight and body fat thereby having a reducing impact on your back fat too.

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