How to get rid of flabby arms in a week

How to get rid of flabby arms in a week

How to get rid of flabby arms in a week

Flabby arms are one problem many of us suffer from and can prove to be quite embarrassing if we want to flaunt a sleeveless garb. There are many who would hide their arm flab from the world by wear full sleeved clothes even in the scorching summer months. The fact that their biceps and triceps are too bulky to be visually appealing often cause them to feel low and self-conscious and they end up hiding their arm flab instead of facing the problem and taking steps to solve it.

Arms are an area where fat likes to settle down cozily and it becomes pretty challenging for someone to knock that stubborn fat out. No matter how hard you try the fat seems to cling around your arms still and takes no name of parting with you. People who are fat generally tend to have flabby arms

Causes of flabby arms

Before going into the solution part, we need to first understand what actually causes your arms to grow flabby. Here are some of the causes listed out

  • Physical inactivity

  • Unhealthy snacking
  • Lack of exercises
  • Fat rich diet
  • Overeating
  • Age-related loss of elastin an collagen fibers

Basic arms fat losing tips

While trying to get rid of flabby arms in a week, certain points need to be kept in mind. Let’s learn:

  1. It is not possible to spot reduce arm flab. So, don’t waste your time and money on such pursuits. Instead try to lose overall body fat as that’ll automatically help you to lose fat at your arms. To lose body fat you have to create a calorie deficit in your body by consuming lesser calories compared to what you burn. So, switch to low calorie food items like fruits and veggies. Consume lean protein as well and simply stay away from high calorie sugary foods and drinks and processed foods as well. Drinking water sufficiently will also help you as water can make your body’s metabolism race and thus cause you to burn more calories. Also, water can keep your tummy full for some time and curb your appetite for high calorie foods
  2. Secondly when it comes to work outs you should choose exercises of various types that aim at working your entire body and not just your arms. Training the arms alone may end you up having larger biceps and triceps but all concealed in layers of unwanted fat and that of course will not change the look of your arms much.
  3. Thirdly try training the larger muscle groups more than the smaller muscle groups. Large muscles like that of the back or legs will have more muscle tissues when compared to smaller muscles like that of biceps and triceps. Training of larger muscles will boost your metabolic rate like anything, and will cause you to burn more calories thereby helping you achieve that needed calorie deficit with ease. This is because muscles need a steady calorie supply to build and maintain themselves. Thus, building large muscles is equivalent to losing more calories. By following this strategy you can indeed succeed in losing your arm flab.
  4. Choosing exercises for the arms is a pretty tricky matter. You should not end up working out the same muscles every day. A well structured exercise program targeted towards every muscle group in the arms should be adhered to and taking the advice of an experienced trainer will help in this respect.
  5. You must stay motivated while you are trying to lose arm fat. Adhering to a regular exercise routine is crucial enough and you must accept it that there are no quick fixes for flabby arms. If you expect quick results and get de-motivated when you don’t see it, it will not take you much time to jump off the wagon and surrender to arm fat.

Effective Remedial Exercises for flabby arm issue

When it comes to exercising, here are some of the exercises that you should definitely do regularly to get those alluring, fat-free, strong and well toned arms:

Arm Circles

This is a very simple yet effective arm fat busting exercise that can be done any time and at any place you want. To do this exercise you have to rotate each arm, one at a time, in clockwise and anti-clockwise circles. Apart from toning your biceps and triceps, this exercise will also strengthen your back muscles as well as your shoulders.


When you are looking to lose arm fat, why not consider punching it away? Yes, you have heard it right. Repetitive, fast-paced punches can help you get rid of flabby arms and build stronger shoulders. You may or may not use a punch bag for doing this exercise.

Shoulder press

This exercise though mainly used for increasing the strength of shoulders can also be used for getting lean, well-toned arms as it involves both biceps as well as triceps. You need dumbbells to do this exercise. You have to lift your arms over the head by grasping dumbbells in both hands and then back to shoulder level. Repeat this at least twenty times a day to get results.

One arm push up

This is another great exercise for flabby arms. To do this work out you have to lie lateral, with your knees slightly bent outward. Your left arm should rest on right shoulder while you do the side push up by pushing the torso upward using the support of your right arm and palm pressing against the floor. Once done, switch sides and do on the other side.


Waving is an effective exercise to drop the pounds settled on your arms. Wave your arm fat a ‘good bye’. When you wave your arms you actually twist the arms stretching out the muscles of your entire arm right from wrist to the shoulders. This helps you lose the excess arm fat and get well toned arms.

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