How to reduce fat in hips

How to reduce fat in hips

How to reduce fat in hips

The summers are just around the corner and if you are planning to have a beach bash or sun tan, you need to sculpt your body for that perfect Bikini look. Bulky hips often spoil the aesthetics of your body and are a pretty challenging problem for women who wish to flaunt the typical Shakira bum. Bums are a place where fat sits in the most stubborn manner and takes no name of departing from your life.   Women who are desperate to flaunt a slimmer hip often resort to spot treatment in order to shape their hips up but that does not actually work much. To get those real curvy & taut bums, you need to adopt a whole body weight loss approach. A slimmer body will obviously give you a slimmer bum.  Here are few ways by which you can reduce the fat in hips. Read on to learn more…

Lower Caloric Intake

Cutting down on calories can help you reduce fat all through the body including the hips. If you can cut down about 500 calories each day, you can lose at least 2 pounds each week. So, try to opt for low calorie food items such as brown rice, oats, legumes and pulses, whole wheat Dalia, lots of fresh fruits and veggies, protein rich food items such as lean meat as well as eggs. By lowering caloric intake you can incite your body to burn down the stored fat reserves for meeting the body’s requirement for energy. That slims you down and slims down your hips too.

Bum shaping exercises

There are certain exercises that target your bum fat specifically. Doing those exercises regularly can sculpt your bum to a perfect shape. Squats are excellent for shaping up the bum. As a beginner you can do squats free hand and gradually can incorporate the use of weights such as dumbbells for better results. Another amazing bum shaping exercise is the Lunges. By doing Lunges you can improve the flexibility of your flexor muscles in the hips and get well toned hips in just no time. Piles are another effective bum shaping move. In the graceful ballet dance, piles are but a dance gesture but when it comes to losing bum fat Piles can give you magically toned bums. Regular squats turned outward turn out to be the Piles move. The Bridge Exercise is another good exercise for your hips. It strengthens hips, churns out unwanted fat and builds lean muscles on the hips to give your hips the perfect ‘wow’-type look. Another great exercising for shedding hip fat is the side lying leg raise exercise. It is a relatively simple exercise. While doing this exercise your hip joint is stretched adequately resulting in toned enough hips. If you do these exercises regularly, your hips are bound to look ‘hot’!

Forget spot treatment

Spot treatment targeting hips may not help you in any way. So, don’t waste time training your hips alone. In fact train up your entire body to achieve overall weight loss and great curves everywhere including hips. Furthermore, we often use slimming gels and sauna belts to achieve targeted weight loss in certain specific areas of our body but the success rate of such investments is pretty low. So while trying to lose fat at your hips, don’t invest in such gels or sauna belts foolishly.

Drink water as much as possible                      

Drinking water sufficiently will not only curb your appetite and keep your tummy full for long but will also check dehydration issues; one primary cause of slowed down metabolism. To shed pounds all across your body including hips you need to drink at least 7-8 glasses of water every day.

Adopt metabolic conditioning

Metabolic conditioning is a great way to keep burning calories even when you are not exercising. Such conditioning allows your body to maintain a high metabolic rate all through the day and keep losing weight all through the day. It can be achieved through a smart exercise technique consisting in a circuit of a couple of high intensity workouts followed by a tiny break and then a repeat. One is to repeat the circuit five times before stopping for the day. Such a pattern of exercise can make your metabolism rush without break.

Caffeine can help

Caffeine is a proven weight loss ingredient. It has been seen to torch those unwanted calories quite effectively. So, drink your caffeine rich coffee brew twice or thrice a day to experience effective fat loss everywhere in the body including hips. Also, you can use a ground coffee mask on your hips to shed unwanted fat and achieve well toned hips. To prepare the mask you need to mix honey with grounded coffee beans. That’ll give you a coarse paste. Apply the mask to your hips and let it dry up completely before rinsing off completely. Repeat this hip sculpting remedy thrice a week for effective results.

Hip fat busting Apple Cider Vinegar

The mineral rich Apple Cider Vinegar comes with amazing fat melting properties. It reverses water retention and helps you lose fat on hips. Apply an Apple Cider Vinegar mask on your hip thrice a week and wait until it dries up to get a muscle toning, hip sculpting effect. To prepare the mask you need to mix Apple cider vinegar with coconut oil to make a smooth, thick paste. Apply the paste on hip to get rid of unwanted hip fat.

Tighten with sea salt

Sea salt consists in muscle toning minerals. Using sea salt instead of the normal salt will let you battle with dehydration and slow metabolism issues. Taking a detox bath with sea salt or using a sea salt mask on hip can give you well toned hips through consistent usage of the mask. To prepare the mask you need to mix sea salt and lemon oil to make it into a thick coarse paste. Apply the paste on hip. Leave until it dries up. Repeat this remedy thrice each week to experience the best bum toning results.


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