Is Beetroot Juice helpful for weight loss

Is Beetroot Juice helpful for weight loss

The bright red root vegetable commonly available in the winter months has been mentioned time and again in the various fitness forums and health magazines. For salad lovers beetroot is a heavenly veggie that invariably finds a place in their daily salad platter. If used in curries and soups beetroot or beet, with its high concentration of Folate, can paint your curries ‘red hot’

Myriad essential nutrients, antioxidants and the health boosting betalains present in Beetroot have earned for it the name & fame as a health boosting ‘super food’. For weight loss enthusiasts too beetroot happens to be a powerful fat shedding super food. If you are in juicing veggies for a healthy low calorie snack, beetroot should be the first veggie you pick. Beetroot juice is quite a popular weight management juice among the weight watchers these days and taking beetroot juice at anytime of the day is said to come with some really notable weight loss benefits.

Beetroot Juice Nutritional Profile

Before we go into the depths of the weight loss value of Beetroot juice, we have to first understand how healthy the juice is…Here follows the nutritional profile of beetroot juice:

  1. A small glass or 100ml of beetroot juice contains…
  2. Calories: 29
  3. Fat: 0
  4. Protein: 0.42 grams
  5. Fiber: 0.40
  6. Carbohydrates: 7.50 grams
  7. Sugar: 5.42 grams

How does beetroot juice help in weight loss ? 

Beetroot benefits

Beetroot juice can help you lose weight in the following ways:

1   Cures Inflammation

Beetroot Juice creates an anti-inflammatory response in the body. As per a review published in 2015 the compound called ‘Betalain’ present in beetroot can inhibit the signaling routes of certain inflammatory diseases in our body. This implies that beetroot can fight against inflammation which in turn helps your body fight against obesity.

2    Enhances Endurance

As per a review published in 2017, Betalains as well as nitrates present in beetroot can boost oxygen supply and blood flow to the muscles thereby improving a person’s endurance and performance during various high intensity weight loss workouts. That too assists in weight loss indirectly.

3    Low calorie drink

Efficient weight management is possible through the intake of beetroot juice as the juice is very low in calories and thus, adds no extra calories to your system.

4   Fiber loaded

The high fiber content in Beetroot juice keeps you full for a long span of time and thus suppresses your appetite for unhealthy foods.

5   Reverses Dehydration

Also, by drinking beetroot juice daily you can keep dehydration issues at bay. If your body is dehydrated, your metabolism rate will get lowered and hence you’ll burn fewer amounts of calories. Furthermore, a dehydrated body tends to retain more water thus increasing your water weight. When your body is dehydrated you tend to mistake thirst for hunger and that eventually leads to unhealthy binging.

6  Reduces fat content

Amino acid known by the name of Leucine present in Beetroots can increase the rate of protein availability in the body for lean muscle mass building and that leads to lowering of total fat percentage in the body. Many studies have revealed the role of Leucine in reduction of body fat.

7  Best nutritional support

Beetroot juice is loaded with all vital nutrients. Thus, you get the perfect nutritional backup for a healthy weight loss. The efforts to lose weight often consist in some drastic calorie curbing and that may cause you to fall prey to nutritional deficiencies. But if you take beetroot juice on regular basis, you can keep such malnutrition issues at bay.

8  Reduces sugar intake

You need not add sugar to your glass of beetroot juice as beetroot is naturally sweet. No added sugar stands for No added calories and that of course helps you lose weight fast and easy.

Beetroot Juice Daily Dosage

Though there’s no adequate official data regarding beetroot juice dosage, as per a study conducted in the year 2014, drinking of 250 ml of beetroot juice per day produced no unwanted side-effects in the research participants.

Healthy And  Tasty Beetroot Juice Recipes for weight management

 1   Beetroot juice with a tart twist

Fresh lemon when added to a glassful of beetroot juice gives you a partly tangy and partly sweet detox drink.

 2  Red hot Beetroot juice medley

Beetroot when blends with juicy red tomatoes give you a deep red drink that’s tangy and sweet all at once.

 3  Carroty Beetroot Juice

This refreshing frothy drink made by combining two most nutritious salad veggies; beetroot and carrot can offer you with a host of nutrients needed to support healthy weight loss.

 4  Apple Beetroot Cocktail

Apple and Beetroot when combined together gives you a fiber loaded aromatic drink that serves as a perfect treat for your taste buds.

 5  Gingery Beetroot Juice

Sweetness of beetroot and mild sting of the ginger root combine perfectly to make a healthy mid morning drink.

6   Orangish Beetroot Juice

When beetroots and pulpy oranges are juiced together what you get is a nutritious drink with a tangy aroma.

7  Royal Beetroot Drink

When beetroots are combined with purplish plums and juiced what you get is a luxuriously colored drink that makes an amazing nutritional kicker.

8   Beet Colada Drink

Fusion of beetroot juice, coconut water and pineapple juice can give you a super tasty and healthy drink that nourishes you from within and tickles your taste buds too.

9   Beetroot Cucumber Drink

Juicing of these two salad veggies will give you a soothing, refreshing drink that de-stresses you both in mind and body.

General tips to adhere to while juicing beetroots

While juicing beetroots you need to bear in mind the following tips:

  1. Beetroot being a root veggie will invariably have mud and dirt sticking to it. Before juicing, wash and rinse beetroot thorough under running water.
  2. While preparing beetroot juice, you need to keep a juicer/blender and a mesh sieve ready
  3. Before juicing the beetroots, make sure to peel the beetroots and dice the beets into small cubes
  4. You are advised to drink the freshly extracted beetroot juice
  5. If you need some extra sweetness in the beetroot juice, you can add few drops of organic honey or stevia to the juice but strictly avoid added sugar.
  6. To make beetroot juice palatable you can add other healthy fruits and veggies to the juice

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