Liquid Diet for Weight Loss

Liquid Diet for Weight Loss

Liquid Diet for Weight Loss is a current weight loss trend and out of the many drastic weight loss measures, this is one.

What is liquid weight loss diet all about?

Liquid Weight Loss Diet consists in drinking rather than eat. You’ll actually not eat any solid when you are on a liquid weight loss diet but only drink various types of liquids all through the day.

Liquid Diet Plan has been made for the ones looking to lose weight rapidly and focuses on drastic calorie cutting. All the calories in a Liquid Diet come from liquids and not from solids. Generally Liquid Diet for Weight Loss consists in a calorie count ranging between 500 and 1500 calories.

 So, when you are on liquid diet, you can take things like soups, fruit juices, veggie juices, sports drinks, meal replacement shakes bought from store, protein shakes, full fat milk, nut milk, buttermilk, broth, water, tea/coffee, coconut water, smoothies and the like. However, before setting out on a weight loss journey with Liquid Diet, you need to consult your dietitian and doctor. There are many health conditions that may not permit you for bearing even the slightest of hunger pangs and it may even prove to be risky. So, only when you are provided a green signal from dietician you can go for the Liquid Weight Loss Diet. In fact Liquid Diet is quite an intensive weight loss measure that needs to be practiced only under strict medical supervision.

What could be the liquid diet pattern?

You may abide by liquid diet plan for a week or weeks or a month or many months depending upon the kind of obesity you have. You may take liquids for all three major meals of the day or at least for one meal or two meals. It all depends on your tolerance levels or on the kind of obesity you are suffering from.

Basic Classification of Liquid Diet for weight loss

Here are two basic liquid diet classifications for weight loss:

  • Clear Liquid Diet

Clear Liquid Diet comes with no dietary fiber at all. No undigested, fibrous residues will be left in your gut when you are on a liquid diet. Clear Liquid Diet is easily digest-able.

  • Full Liquid Diet

Full Liquid Diet consists in liquid parts along with some fiber as well as fat content. Full Liquid Diet can supply your body with the calories, fat and protein.

Types of Liquids you could consume while on Liquid Diet

Types of Liquids you could consume while on Liquid Diet include:

1 Meal Replacement Liquid Diet

These days, people trying to lose weight often resort to store-bought Meal Replacement Shakes. Many renowned brands in the market manufacture these shakes as a low calorie meal substitute. Generally meal replacement shakes are formulated with lots of macro as well as micro nutrients that offer your body with the much needed nutritional backup especially when you are trying to shed your pounds.

2  Detox Liquid Diet

Detox Liquid Diet consists in intake of juices extracted from certain botanical ingredients, fruits and veggies. These diets are meant to cleanse your body of impurities and toxins. This diet includes various types of juicing programs, long term practice of water fasting. Detox liquid diets may not be nutrients rich and thus, should not be continued for a long period of time. Following liquid detox diet for once a week is advisable. However, consuming a detox liquid diet could be altogether new experiences for you, making your body feel rejuvenated and energetic after a detox cleanse liquid diet. Examples of foods you can consume when you are on a detox liquid diet are: soups, broths, buttermilk, fresh juices of fruits and veggies, smoothies, water


3  Medically prescribed Liquid Diet

These are doctor-prescribed liquid diets and belong to the category of Clear Liquid Diet. These diets are prescribed by doctor to patients who are about to have a surgery soon or are recovering from some trauma or injury. Consumption of this type of liquid diet can be done under strict medical vigilance of a doctor. Examples of liquids you can consume when you are on a medically prescribed liquid diet are: Syrups, pulp-free fruit and vegetable juices, popsicles, tea, broths, water.


Weight loss advantages of Liquid Diet

Liquid diets can bring about weight loss in the following ways:

  • Liquid diet is remarkably calorie restrictive diet. Thus, by being on liquid diet you can easily achieve the ‘calorie deficit’ needed for successful weight loss.
  • Liquid diet can detoxify your body. And when toxins are removed from body, your body’s metabolic rate is boosted, thereby causing you to burn more calories.
  • Liquid diet improves your digestion power and improved digestion paves the way for rapid weight loss soon to follow.
  • Liquid diets are packed with nutrients that aid in healthy weight loss.


Things to consider the Liquid Diet journey

Liquid Diets by no means should be followed on a long-term basis. The drastic calorie cutting may impact your body in many unwanted ways if liquid diet is followed on a long-term. Also, even if you shed excess pounds drastically you may regain them again as soon as you resume your normal solid diet. Furthermore, following liquid diet for a longer time period may cause several unwanted side effects such as:

  • Weakened immune system
  • Weakened bones
  • Muscular Atrophy
  • Impaired brain function
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Mood swings
  • Irritability


Who should not go on Liquid Diet?

Liquid diets can bring about rapid weight loss but is a strict ‘NO-NO’ in case you are suffering from any of the following conditions:

  • You are pregnant
  • You are a lactating mother
  • Growing children
  • Aged adults

In other words, if you are looking for a quick obesity fix liquid diet indeed is the most effective solution. But you need to weigh the pros and cons thoroughly before embarking on the liquid weight loss diet journey.

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