Oolong Tea for weight loss

Oolong Tea for weight loss


If you are an obese person trying hard to lose your excess pounds, you need to pay attention to your beverages. There are some that'll load you with calories while there are others that'll help you stay slim.

Nutritionists worldwide declare 'tea' as a weight loss friendly beverage. All these years all praises had been for Green Tea in matters of weight loss. But, Oolong Tea too deserves the same kind of attention. Oolong Tea, a cousin of Green Tea is as powerful as Green Tea for helping you lose weight. Recent Scientific Studies have hyped the weight loss power of Oolong Tea. Studies declare that Oolong Tea is at par with Green Tea as a weight loss remedy. Some studies even consider Oolong Tea better than Green Tea when it comes to weight loss. A team of Japanese researchers concluded that 1 cup of Oolong Tea is twice as powerful as 3 cups of Green Tea. Another study revealed that Oolong Tea drinkers had flatter tummy compared to non-drinkers.

Before going into the depth of Oolong Tea's weight loss value, we need to first understand what Oolong Tea is.

What is Oolong Tea

The other name for Oolong Tea is Wulong Tea. Oolong Tea originates from the same bush (Camellia Sinesis) from which Green Tea originates. It is the processing that makes the two different. Oolong Tea is semi-fermented version of green tea. Exposure of plucked tea leaves to a controlled ambiance partly ferments them. Unlike Green Tea Oolong Tea is not rolled. Thus, Oolong tea leaves retain their cellular structure despite all the processing. The tea has a somewhat sweet taste.

How does Oolong Tea promote weight loss?

Oolong Tea brings about weight loss in the following ways:

It reduces fat absorption

Oolong Tea contains a powerful compound known by the name of Teasaponin. The compound weakens the action of the enzyme Lipase which in turn slows down the rate of fat absorption from food. This phenomenon helps in controlling obesity. The enzyme is also said to curb hunger and alleviate inflammation. That too helps in effective weight management.

Effective fat shedding with Oolong

Scientific researches revealed that by drinking 8 grams of Oolong Tea on a regular basis for about 6 weeks at a stretch one could experience significant fat shedding. 77% of Volunteers who participated in the research lost over 1 Kg weight in a time span of 6 weeks. Heightened lipid metabolism and inhibition of the activity of Pancreatic Lipid are actually the results of such fat shedding.

Lesser fat cells with Oolong

An anti-oxidant known by the name of Methylated Catechins showed significant anti-obesity impact during a research. This particular antioxidant is said to boost the levels of adiponectin; a protein that triggers breakdown of fats. That obviously leads to slimming down.

Oolong Tea is an amazing metabolism booster

This particular tea variety produces a thermogenic impact on your body due to the presence of compounds like Catechins and Caffeine in it. In other words, drinking of the tea generates heat in your body and accelerates your body’s metabolic rate. That leads to increased fat oxidation and release of energy. According to recent findings consumption of Oolong Tea could boost your metabolic rate by nearly 10% to 20%. As per studies, it can also heighten oxidation of fat by 12%. These factors contribute to weight loss.

Oolong Tea regulates digestion

Healthy digestion is the key to healthy weight loss. If you have a weakened digestive system your body will experience poor carb and fat absorption from the food you consume. Polyphenols present in Oolong Tea slows down the rate of fat absorption and facilitates excretion of fat. This helps you grow slim.

Oolong Tea regulates glucose levels

Oolong Tea helps in better management of blood glucose levels. Drinking of Oolong Tea can act on the enzymes that facilitate glucose breakdown. This brings down glucose levels. If glucose levels are lowered post meal it can curb your hunger sufficiently. Also, low glucose levels will leave your body with very little glucose in blood to get converted to fat.

How to prepare Oolong Tea

Oolong tea can be prepared in the following ways:

Method 1- By making use of Oolong Tea Leaves


  1. Tea Infuser
  2. Loose leaves of Oolong Tea (1 tsp)
  3. Water  (1 cup)


Bring water to boil. Pour boiling water into a cup. Place tea infuser into the cup and fill it up with loose Oolong leaves. Allow steeping for about 3-5 minutes and enjoy the rejuvenating Oolong leaf tea!

Method 2- By making use of Oolong tea powder


  1. Oolong tea powder (1 tsp)
  2. Hot water (1 cup)


To a cup of fuming hot water, add 1 tsp of Oolong tea powder. Allow steeping for about 5 minutes. Strain Tea. Allow cooling down to lukewarm. Sip the aromatic tea & enjoy its taste!

Method 3- By making use of tea bags of Oolong


  1. Oolong Tea Bag (1)
  2. Boiled Water (1 cup)


Dip a tea bag of Oolong tea in 1 cup of boiling water and steep for about 5 minutes. Keep the cup covered for at least 3-5 minutes. Enjoy the tea!

Oolong Tea preparing & drinking tips

If you are trying to lose weight, it’s ideal for you to take your Oolong Tea piping hot rather than drinking an iced Oolong Tea. A 2013 research paper published in European Journal of Nutrition declared that those drinking hot tea had lower BMIs and waist girth compared to those who drank iced tea.

The best way to maintain the weight loss elements in Oolong Tea is to make the tea on lower temperatures with shorter steeping period. That’ll preserve the Catechins in their natural state. A 2007 paper published in International Journal of Molecular Sciences declares that a steeping span of just 3 minutes and a preparing temperature of 90 degree Centigrade are just ideal for Oolong Tea preparation.

2-3 cups of Oolong Tea per day is fine.

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