Papaya diet for weight loss

Papaya diet for weight loss

Papaya, often considered as a healthy food is now popular for many other reasons too, one being the weight loss results it yields.  Raw papaya or green papaya is consumed mostly as a veggie in salads or in curries while the ripe papaya with a soft texture, musky taste and yellowish orange pulp is consumed as a fruit.

Now, whether you are consuming raw papaya for weight loss or papaya fruit for weight loss, the results in either case will be incredible provided you follow a healthy lifestyle & eating habit. Papaya benefits weight loss has led to the emergence of a calorie restrictive diet plan solely dependent on ‘Papaya’. However, just like any other weight loss diet plan, the papaya diet for weight loss too isn’t meant for all. Some may not find it easy to stick to the papaya diet plan for weight loss.

The diet plan requires you to be solely on papayas at least twice or thrice a week and that exactly may turn out to be a hard thing to do. It may result diarrhea for some. Therefore the advice for you is to consult your dietitian prior to taking the plunge papaya-ward!

Weight loss Benefits of Papaya

If you have made up your mind to use papaya for losing weight, you must first understand why & how papaya helps you drop your extra kilos…Read on to learn:

1 A powerful detox

Papain, a powerful enzyme & antioxidant present in Papaya revs up your metabolism by detoxifying your liver. Also, the natural fibers in Papaya act as a superb detoxification agent. A toxin loaded body will not actually burn much fat as the metabolic rate in that case will be pretty slow. But when your system is cleansed of toxins, your metabolism will run at full speed causing you to burn down the excess fat

2 Hunger suppressant

Papaya for weight loss can also suppress your appetite due to its high fiber content. Fiber is digested slowly thereby making you feel ‘full’ for quite some time. That stops you from overeating and packing in extra calories.

3 Digestion booster

If your gut is unhealthy and if your digestion power is impaired your metabolic rate will drop and you’ll not be able to absorb nutrients from food adequate. That can stand as a roadblock on your way preventing you from reaching the perfect weight and getting the perfect shape & figures. Enzymes like Papain, Chymopapain present in Papaya can give a big boost to your power of digestion, thereby supporting you in your weight loss journey.

4 Amazing protein absorber

Papain present in Papaya also helps your body in absorbing proteins. Proper protein absorption can expedite the rate of fat combustion and help in building lean muscles.

5 Low in calories

Papaya, being a low calorie fruit helps you in sticking to your per day calorie limits.

6 Inflammation fighter

Inflammation happens to be the greatest foe for weight watchers. Papaya reverses inflammation and heals your body from within. That again helps you drop your excess pounds.

7 Nutrients supplier

Papaya is rich in essential nutrients that nourish your body from within while you are on a restrictive weight loss diet.

How to use Papaya for weight loss

1 In Smoothies

Ripe papaya can make an ideal ingredient for healthy smoothies. Ripe papaya smoothies can make amazing breakfast meal replacement. Taking an Oats-Papaya Smoothie or Yoghurt-Chia seeds-Papaya smoothie in breakfast will surely help you start the day on a healthy note.

2  In fruit salads

Ripe papaya cut into cubes can make a tasty fruit salad. Add a pinch of black salt and black pepper to your salad and enjoy the cubes as a perfect healthy snack. Even raw green papaya salad tastes great. In green papaya salad, you can use lemon juice and chopped coriander for garnishing.

3 In soups

Soups before meals will cause you to consume lesser calories at mealtime. Papaya can be used to prepare both clear soups as well as chunky soups. Sip from fuming hot papaya soup and see your fat burning out faster than you ever imagined!

4 In subzis/curries

Raw papayas can be used generously in mixed vegetable preparations to improve the nutritional quotient of the preparation. Also, raw papayas can make your veggie bowl amazingly filling. You can season your papaya sabzi with cumin seeds, cumin powder, dry red chilies and garam masala powder to add to the taste and flavor of the sabzis.

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