Protein shakes for weight loss

Protein shakes for weight loss


Are you feeling out of shape? Is obesity the biggest enemy you’re battling with? What are your chances of losing weight with these nutrient-rich shakes? Well! There are so many varieties of protein powders from fat absorbing WHEY protein (ideal for digestion & weight loss) to longer lasting healthy nutrients like Casein & eggs.  There are meal replacement shakes too which are responsible to burn extra fat. Another way you can lose weight naturally is by consuming Garcinia Cambogia.  It’s a natural supplement, just like protein powder to curb excess fat naturally with no side effects.

Lots of queries arise as to how much to take? When is the right time to take? Most importantly how to use them to burn fat?

First of all, you don’t need protein milk shake to reduce weight. You can lose weight naturally with good food. But there is an advantage of having protein powder where it helps you to follow a diet plan and also helps to tone the muscles.  There are so many reasons out there to incorporate nutrient-rich shakes to lose weight. They give a quick and easy way to meet your weight loss goal. At times you can replace your breakfast with this nutrition. You can still get a high protein diet by consuming 2-3 scoops of protein per day. Following this diet reduces the levels of ghrelin (hunger hormones) and glucagon. This indeed suppresses appetite.  If it can help us feel less hungry throughout the day then it becomes the obvious choice to follow the low-calorie diet.

There are certain precautionary measures to consider here as these shakes contain calories in it. If you are drinking a bunch of them throughout the day then you could exceed your daily calories and end up gaining weight instead of losing it. 

How much protein to consume in a day to reduce hunger and appetite?

In order to keep your calories at their lowest, you need to include 15-20 gms of them in a shake to significantly reduce your hunger pangs and appetite.  You are entitled to add more proteins in your diet if you don’t get enough proteins in your meals.

As I said, these nutritious compounds; not only reduce appetite but it helps to increase muscle mass and gradually increase the rate of metabolism in the body. 

Which is the best protein powder to take?

It’s available in 2 forms: Animal-based & Plant-based.

Let’s first understand the animal-based protein shakes. The one that ranks the highest in the bioavailability list is WHEY protein. It’s a fast digesting protein powder that comes from cow’s milk. This is a very popular type of protein that generally comes on 3 forms- Concentrate, Isolate & Hydro Whey protein.

Isolate is highly recommended for weight loss.

Casein is the second most important protein powder found in milk & its slowest digestive protein powder.

If you are looking for something cheaper then egg protein is the best. If you are neither a vegan nor a non- vegetarian then you need to go for plant-based protein shakes.

Soya milkshakes & pea and rice milkshakes make it to the topmost nutrient-rich milkshakes available in the market. 

Bottom Line: Protein shakes are good for weight loss provided consumed in small quantities

If you are looking for the overall body transformation then you are on the right track. Protein helps to curb excess fat and increases metabolism. It maintains muscle mass while helping to lose fat. Make sure you consume 1-2 scoops of protein powder a day. The best time is before or right after the workout.

For many who can’t afford there is no need to lose hope as you have a lot of options available over the web to combat obesity. As many people leading a sedentary lifestyle, it’s become more of a challenge to give time to exercise in order to lose fat. To address this issue, there are several naturally available products available in the market that helps you to find solutions. These naturally processed supplements come handy at times when we are running out of time on a daily basis with work and other chores. Hence, a supplement like Garcinia Cambogia is highly preferred amongst others. Lastly, incorporate the right food to lower your calories & lose weight naturally. 

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