Quick weight loss tips for brides this wedding season

Quick weight loss tips for brides this wedding season

Quick weight loss tips for brides this wedding season

Wedding season is here and every girl who is all set to tie the knot this season, is trying best to look the most gorgeous bride on the most special day of her life. Frequent parlor visits, frequent manicures & pedicures, frequent application of homemade uptans etc. are part of every would-be bride’s glam-up regimen.

 Another important concern for a bride to-be is to look slim, curvy & attractive on her wedding day. And, if you too are one of them, you would definitely want to lose weight before your wedding date. An obese bride is of course not what a handsome groom would look forward to. The concept of an obese bride in fact is against the stereotypical concept of an ideal Indian bride or the ‘nayi naveli dulhan’ who needs to have the perfect vital statistics in order to be called the ‘ideal’.

If you want to be called the ideal bride, you are perhaps looking for some quick weight loss tips to make you shrink from size ‘XXXL’ to the ideal size ‘M’ in just no time…well then, read on to learn about some of the very effective quick weight loss tips for brides:

Switch to a diet low in carbohydrates

Low carb diet is a great way to lose weight quickly. Completely cutting down on carbohydrates is not a healthy thing but limiting the intake of carbs strictly is indeed a wise decision on your part if you wish to lose weight quickly. When you restrict your carb intake, you are not leaving much of carbs in your body to be converted to fat. So, start taking less of potato, rice, sugar in diet if you have quick weight loss plans.

Ditch processed, junk food

Junk food and refined food are the greatest foes for someone who intends to lose weight fast. Junk foods and refined foods usually come with high sodium content and high sugar content. Excess sugar in food denotes the intake of excess calories and high sodium or salt content bloats your belly and leads to water retention in the body thus making you fat.

Reduce portion sizes of your meals

One great way to take lesser calories is to take food on smaller plates. That’ll automatically reduce your portion sizes and make you eat fewer calories without making you feel dissatisfied.

Quench thirst with water and fresh, homemade juices

If you are looking for a quick weight loss fix for your wedding day, take water and freshly extracted juices of fruits and veggies instead of the high calorie fizzy drinks and synthetic juices. Water and real fruit or veggie juices can cleanse your system of toxins and give you a much fitter body.

Do regular exercises

For an attractive, lean figure that matches well with every type of wedding lehenga, you need to find time for daily workouts. Skipping, cycling, brisk walks and free hand exercises need to be done regularly to burn out all excess calories.

Carry healthy snacks with you all the time

No matter how busy your last few days as a ‘single’ are, you are strictly barred from binging on unhealthy snacks. To stop yourself from getting tempted, make sure to carry healthy snacks in your handbag all the time.

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