Sweet potato benefits for weight loss

Sweet potato benefits for weight loss

Sweet potato benefits for weight loss

Are you on a weight loss mission? Are you a fan of potatoes? If you are then switch to a sweet potato diet. Not only they are healthy but will aid you in weight loss. Read below to know more.

How sweet potato aids in weight loss?

The sweet potato as it name suggest, requires you to incorporate sweet potatoes in your diet. It’s crazy to think that potatoes are considered fattening and sweet potatoes as slimming. Here are the key factors why sweet potato is good for health and helps in weight loss.

1.Low in calories

Sweet potato are very much low in calories. 100 grams of sweet potato contains about 80 calories and about 100 grams of calories per serving. Consuming sweet potato will keep your calorie count in check and your taste buds alive.

2.High fiber content

Sweet potatoes are rich in dietary fiber. They help aid weight loss by forming a gel like mesh in the stomach, which makes you feel full and prevents you from overeating. A sweet potato also prevents fat absorption, promotes stool movement and aids the production of good gut bacteria.

3.High Water Content

The high water content present in sweet potatoes is one of the reason for it being a good weight loss supplement. You metabolism is slowed down when you get dehydrated, consuming sweet potato will hydrate your cell and kick start your metabolism. It flushes out toxins and the water content present in the sweet potato will keep you satiated for a long time.

4.Antioxidant Property

Sweet potato is filled with antiosidants and anit-inflammatory properties. The antioxidants help to cancel out the harmful oxygen radicals and prevent the body from producing pro-inflammatory molecules. The two main factors of weight gain are toxic build up and inflammation. Sweet potatoes contain antioxidants like copper, zinc superxide, catalase and sporamins.

Sweep Potato 3 Day Diet Plan for Weight Loss.

 Here is a sweet potato diet that you can follow.

Day 1:

Breakfast: Have one had boiled egg and 1 boiled sweet potato and a cup of green tea

Lunch: 1 boiled sweet potato, 80 grams of chicken or fist and 1 cup of yogurt.

Dinner: 1 boiled sweet potato, 80 grams of chicken/ fish and balanced veggies.

Day 2:

Breakfast:  1 boiled sweet potato, 2 egg white omelets and a cup of black coffee

Lunch: Mushroom, greens, and a bowl of potato salad with a cup of buttermilk.

Dinner:  1 boiled sweet potato, 80 grams of chicken/ fish and balanced veggies.

Day 3:

Breakfast:  1 boiled sweet potato, few almonds and a banana with a cup of green tea

Lunch: Sweet potato soup with a slice of wheat bread and a cup of yogurt.

Dinner: Mashed sweet potato with some grilled mushroom and fresh veggies.

Follow this 3 day sweet potato diet plan will definitely get your metabolism going and help you shed a few pounds. Remember just eating sweet potato and other healthy veggies will not help you get the desired result. Make sure you exercise as well, that way the body will burn calories faster. Include cycling, jogging and walking in your routine and see the changes if a few weeks.

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