Ultra-processed foods

Ultra-processed foods

Intake of Ultra-processed food is causing obesity- How can it be tackled naturally?

Lately, processed foods are becoming more pervasive & the enormity of which it’s been consumed is skyrocketing every day making people feel overwhelmed with the choices available easily at their doorstep. So, is processed food bad for health? How is ultra-processed food different from processed food?

 If you were to stroll down the “Big Bazaar” or “MORE” or any grocery store, the aisle of processed food is just lying out there making you feel tempted to buy whatever you see or rather putting you all at sea to figure out which one has nutrients and which ones are hazardous? We don’t just go with the list with nutrient values written on a sheet to choose what’s in the bucket for our body need? We buy the things that make life easier. So all processed foods are bad? Well! If you were to say so, it’s not actually bad indeed!

Pasteurizing, heating, canning & drying are all considered forms of processing. Unless if you are eating fruits and vegetables directly from a tree or drinking milk from a cow, the large part of the food we eat is technically processed.

Pragmatically, not all methods go in preserving the food (frozen vegetables & grains) are considered as junk.  If something is going through a process, doesn’t mean it’s unhealthy to eat all along.

Perhaps, it’s time to paraphrase our mental thinking about processed food and heed to ultra-processed foods.  After all, Brazilian research team studies and research has revealed that ultra-processed foods are the major causes of weight gain & its more consumption tossing health to a perilous state. Henceforth, consuming natural processed supplements like Garcinia Cambogia is turning out to be a life savior in terms of losing weight and helping to carry out a steady life!   

Ultra-processed foods: Making a news feast lately in the nutrition World!

The study that took place in 2016 by a group of Brazilian scientists revealed that ultra-processed foods make people consume more and eventually they put on weight. This breakthrough has raised a lot of questions & for some people it’s completely unfathomable & obscure whether ultra-processed foods cause obesity?

 For better understanding, it’s important to know the stages of processing before drawing ominous conclusions about bifurcating processed and ultra-processed foods.

 There are 3 stages in processing the food. The first stage involves making sure the food processed is edible. Slaughtering chickens, goat, harvesting grain & shelling nuts are considered the first stage of processing. It’s often called “whole” foods.

The second stage involves freezing, baking & canning of food. It’s processed till we get a finished product.

The final stage of processing consumes more time and is done on a larger scale. The food is injected with a lot of flavors, fats, sugar enhancers and chemically oriented preservatives turning the food into a Ultra-processed category.

Bottom line: Avoid Ultra-processed food & burn fat naturally!

To be able to minimize the intake of ultra-processed food, it’s important to understand how processed food is converted to Ultra-processed food.  The best way to tackle this is to cook food at home and eat. If you are running late to work & you need to eat something quickly outside make sure to avoid packaged food, especially the ones with more ingredients. Some of the ultra-processed foods that you can avoid:

  • Coke (Drink a glass of lemon juice instead)
  • White bread (Choose whole wheat brown bread)
  • Fried Chicken
  • Sugar flavored cereals - or breakfast.
  • Flavored & deeply friend potato chips.

It’s very hard to differentiate and choose but now with the help of studies, we at least are aware of what to avoid at our best interests for a healthy and good life. After all, food is the ingredient that binds us all! So, choosing it right becomes a priority for us to lead a healthy life & for people struggling to lose weight due to over-consumption of Ultra-processed foods can still find hope by just avoiding junk and embark their journey towards finding solutions that curb fat naturally! (Garcinia Cambogia is one such solution). 

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