Weight loss with rice Some Useful Tips

Weight loss with rice Some Useful Tips

            Rice for weight loss: Some Useful Tips


Rice is kind of staple food in every Indian household. It is one of the most popular grains worldwide and there are people who cannot stay without rice even for half a day. However, in the recent times when people are becoming more and more fitness conscious, rice has turned into a much dreaded food grain. Weight watchers often look upon rice as one of their most challenging foes. The reason is that rice being high is carbohydrates, delivers a huge amount of calories on each serving; something which weight watchers do not want.

Stats provided by U.S Department of Agriculture declare that a 100gms of white rice serving can contain as much as 400 calories depending upon the way it is cooked and the variety used. Thus, when someone is trying to lose weight, rice is the first and foremost food item they would want to drop out of their weight loss diet chart. But there are dieticians who are somewhat lenient about rice eating. They say that even after consuming rice one can lose weight provided one chooses the right kind in the right amount. Here are some tips that you need to follow while using rice for weight loss successfully…Read on to learn

Choose the Brown Rice

Brown rice is made up of the nutrient rich kernel, the endosperm and the bran. It is a whole grain and comes with a high content of dietary fiber as well as essential nutrients. When you are consuming brown rice, you can give your body the best nutritional backup while trying to lose weight. The dietary fiber in brown rice keeps you satiated for long even when you are cutting down on portions for the purpose of limiting your calorie intake. Unlike white refined rice brown rice does not pack in extra calories for your body and thus helps in weight management quite effectively. A study conducted in the field of nutrition research in the year 2010 found out that incorporation of whole grains such as brown rice in daily diet can effective help in weight reduction.

Strictly avoid white rice


White rice unlike brown rice is not a whole grain. It is refined rice and is of course not a good option for the weight watchers. When the bran, kernel and endosperm are removed from rice, it becomes white rice. Thus, white rice is all starch and is devoid of all the essential nutrients. The impact of white rice on body thus is similar to other unhealthy food items such as white bread or pasta or a cookie. White rice is digested easily by your body and is absorbed speedily. This leads to sudden spikes in blood sugar levels and increased insulin activity. Thus, even after consuming enough of white rice you’ll still feel hungry within just a few hours. Increased blood sugar levels and insulin activity causes you tummy to growl for more and more food and that puts you at the risk of becoming obese through increased calorie intake.

According to a research paper published in 2010 in the US Journal of Clinical Nutrition, those who consume high amounts of refined grains in their daily diet are likely to have excess fat in their abdominal area. Also, such people are at a higher risk of Type 2 Diabetes, Cardiac disease and other such major health issues.

1 cup of medium grain white rice serving can provide you with nearly 240 calories and zero dietary fiber. The refined white rice bears only traces of the minerals and vitamins you would find in brown rice.

Slash calories

Scientists have come up with a very interesting finding and that is of course good news for weight watchers who are rice lovers too. Scientists say that if you add 1 tsp of pure coconut oil to your white rice while boiling it and then refrigerate the cooked rice for at least 12 hours post draining, you can reduce the total calorie content of the rice by as much as half of what it normally contained. By adding coconut oil to the rice preparing water, you actually alter the compositional structure of the granules of starch present in rice thereby making the starch a resistant starch. Our digestive enzymes cannot convert the resistant starch to fat and that helps us to stay in shape even if we are consuming white rice.

Control portion sizes

Controlling portion sizes is the key to efficient weight management no matter what you are consuming. In case of rice too the same rule applies. Rice is a kind of food grain that often tempts you to eat more than you need. Even if you are consuming brown rice you need to pay special heed to your portion sizes. Not controlling portion can accelerate your caloric intake like anything and derail your weight loss efforts. The standard brown rice serving should be 1 cup for each serving but if you don’t measure your portion sizes and sit to eat with a plate full of Brown rice, you may end up consuming over 440 calories in a single meal…now that’s too very fattening. Isn’t it? So, exercise control even when you are on a brown rice-based diet.

Cook low fat rice dishes

Cooking of brown rice should be done in a tactful manner so that the recipes you prepare do not derail you on your weight loss journey. Plain brown rice may not tempt you at all but if you prepare some interesting recipe with it you’ll definitely enjoy it. However, try to avoid dishes like fried rice, pulao with brown rice. These ghee loaded dishes will not help you to lose weight in any way. Instead try flavoring your brown rice preparations with flavorful herbs like coriander leaves, curry leaves, Kasoori methi and flavorful spices such as cumin seeds, whole garam masalas etc. In other words while preparing brown-rice based dishes you need to be cautious enough not to make those dishes calorically dense.

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