What makes you gain weight?

What makes you gain weight?

The truth about being fat

I am fat! – We have heard people say it, and we are, sometimes, the ones who say it, but have we ever wondered what the expression meant and whether it conveys the intended meaning?

*If the statement is an indication that they have fat in their body, then, everyone is right. Fat is necessary for a lot of the functions of the human body and it is of utmost importance that the everyday diet of individual is inclusive of saturated fats.

*If the statement is a realization that they have piled on Kilograms due to an absolute neglect of their food habits, fully aware that the foods they ingest range from unhealthy to downright dangerous, then they are right in their intentions but are resorting to an incorrect expression.

They should not call themselves fat; they are unhealthy.   

A concept called food

The daily routine of an average human being is never similar, and will vary according to a lot of factors- profession, age, gender but, worrying about their total disregard for health and deciding to follow a proper fitness regimen but failing to follow through is increasingly becoming a permanent part of every routine, irrespective of the aforementioned criteria.

We eat, not when we are hungry, but when we are bored and we still wonder what has led to our weight gain. No more are we in the Stone Age, but our understanding of the human body still is.

The purpose of eating food is to supply to our body with enough energy to fuel it and help it work, and is definitely not an act of pleasure like it is perceived by the majority. To put the entire process in very simple terms, the food we eat is converted to energy which is utilized for fueling the body for various activities and when the energy is depleted, we again consume food to restore the energy levels, and the cycle goes on.

The mystery behind weight gain and weight loss

The human body will be at an optimal condition if the cycle is undisturbed and if the flow is disrupted with a surplus of energy that goes unused or an energy deficit, then the body begins to adapt to the modified flow, throwing the body composition out of order.

Even with our reputation of being computationally competent, we have not figured out that the gaining and losing weight is pure mathematics.

The amount of calories stored = Amount of calories consumed –Amount of calories spent.  


What is to be understood from the equation is that

*When the result of the equation is positive, i.e., when the body does not utilize all of the calories from the food, it is stored in the body as fat.


*When the equation results in a negative figure, it means that the body has utilized the ingested calories, and will look for more of it to fuel the body and will tap into stored calories, resulting in the loss of excess weight.

An enigma no more

There are two ways to hack the equation.

  1. Reduce the amount of calories consumed

  2. Increase the amount of calories spent

I know what you are thinking.

“Let me reduce my caloric intake so that the equation gives a negative answer. That way, I can never put on extra weight, right?” Well, technically, you aren’t wrong. But you are forgetting is that your body needs energy for work and if you are starving yourself, the body starts crumbling from within.

The solution is to increase the amount of energy spent, i.e.,, one must resort to a more active lifestyle and forget being one with the chair all day. This way, you eat a comfortable amount of food, not starve yourself and are a happier, active individual.

Want to know a secret? 

Unknown to many, there is another solution by the name of Garcinia Cambogia, a fruit which is rich in hydroxycitric acid, or HCA. This HCA aids in increasing satiety, thereby preventing over consumption of foods and promotes fat loss by pushing the body to spend calories faster, thereby burning stored calories i.e., fat. Eating the whole fruit is unnecessary as the fruit extracts are available in capsules, like the ones that are being sold at www.nutratimes.com

Nutratimes Garcinia Cambogia also increases Insulin absorption, lowering cholesterol levels and increasing one’s athletic abilities. So, not just weight loss, Garcina Cambogia combined with a healthy diet and an active lifestyle results in the increase of one’s fitness and wellbeing.

It does not matter which option is being chosen, but if it brings about a healthier you, the 747 words that preceded this was a success.

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