Yoga for Weight loss

Yoga for Weight loss


Yoga & its miraculous benefits for health & weight loss

As humans, we have accomplished a lot on this planet. We are endlessly watching & penetrating the vision around us by reviling the mysteries of nature. Thousands of years ago, the Upanishads have carved their way out to observe the intricacies of the sensory organs & its nature to open outwardly to the world. As we seek outwards our mind and intellect remain entangled with the external world in perpetuity. In this ever-changing world, we are bound to oscillate between pain and pleasure. Even though we see lots of improvement in science and technology, none of the materialistic worldly pleasures give us lasting happiness.  

Flipping the pages of history, thousands of years ago the yogis of ancient India have given us the unique technique to free ourselves and attain peace. It’s documented in the yoga sutras of Patanjali.

In the soulful journey of yoga, many years later, the scientists identified a fruit called Garcinia Cambogia. Its extracts were used to curb excess fat. It’s been a revelation lately due to its miraculous benefits associated with weight loss. Due to its limited growth worldwide, it’s reaching out to places in the form of natural weight loss supplements.    

Let’s now explore the path our ancestors and revive ourselves with yoga & its impeccable benefits for health & weight loss.

What is Yoga?

There are many ways to define yoga. It is also called as the Astanga Yoga (8 limbs of yoga).  The aim of yoga is to complete cessation of mind.  Yoga Asana is not just a hobby; you do asanas, so-called postures to transform your body for wellness.

What are the 4 major components that define yoga?

Before we engross ourselves with the benefits of yoga, let’s understand the components that define yoga.

  • The physical postures or the body movements with breathing techniques & relaxation techniques.
  • The most important part is self regulation. The ability to control out stress response & emotional response.
  • A sense of being able to feel & experience what’s happening in the body & an ability to observe the flow of taught.
  • Idea of experiencing virtual states through deep meditation.

What are the benefits of practicing yogasana?

Generally, we ask “Give me some space”. It’s the space you’re creating in your body and mind.  Practicing yoga helps to cope with stress, your lung volume expands with every single breath & you can control your BP by modifying breathing. 

Incorporating yoga in daily life helps to relieve from chronic pain such as lower back pain, headaches & arthritis. Few of the physical benefits include increased flexibility, strengthening and toning of muscles, weight reduction & protect you from injuries.

Can yoga help to reduce weight?  What are the asanas for weight loss?

Yoga may be taken into consideration for bringing calmness to the mind but it is also practiced to get in shape and lose weight considerably. Many have this notion that yoga doesn’t produce results as you are not involved in high-intensity workouts. Yoga doesn’t work on our bodies, it works on our minds. Trust me, if you are looking to lose weight there is no better alternative than yoga. 

Best Asanas for Weight loss

  1. Suryanamaskar (sun salutation) - A complete body workout usually practiced as a warm up exercise. It’s the best asana for weight loss. Practiced regularly it stretches the core muscles in the stomach area and helps to reduce weight.
  2. Purvottasana (Dandasana) - Strengthens arm, back, wrist and legs. It’s an upward plank pose that helps to burn calories at a high rate.
  3. Utkatasana (Chair pose)- Improves body balance, reduces the flat feet and burns the excess fat.
  4. Virabhadrasana (Warrior pose) - It stretches most of your body & strengthens back, arms & shoulders.
  5. Trikonasana (Triangle) - It helps to tone the lower back and a perfect asana to lose belly fat.

Bottom Line: Transform yourself today by practicing yoga and lose weight naturally!

Yoga is the power we have in our life. It has the capacity to heal and also helps to challenge you.  Do practice yoga every day for self-realization & to bring the calmness of mind. If you are looking out to lose weight naturally then have Garcinia Cambogia supplement in the morning and take your mat out and yoga.  Along with yogasana suppress appetite & boost metabolism through Garcinia Cambogia & lose weight instantly

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