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Chikki is a common festive sweet popular enough all over India and it is a crunchy snack that tastes really good. You can take chikkis anytime of the day. But did you ever think that Chikkis can be healthy also? Yes, Chikkis can be helpful in boosting your health. Nutratimes brings for you a very special kind of Chikki that’s absolutely healthy. This Nutra Chikki is a nutritional powerhouse that can make your body super strong from within. It is enriched with pea nuts, jaggery and spirulina. All are powerful ingredients and can nourish the cells of your immune system to the fullest. This revolutionary product is the one that can guard you against infections & other diseases. It is natural, safe product that comes free of any added sugar and preservatives.

  • • Keeps your immune function in top shape
  • • Strengthens your bones
  • • Makes you energetic
  • • Keeps cold and flu at bay
  • • Makes you feel vital
  • • Gives you longevity

Nutra Chikki can help your body in many ways. Here are the benefits it can bring for you:

Science behind Nutratimes Chikki with Spirulina: How does it work?

Stage 1

The protein content and other vital nutrients in pea nuts and spirulina start acting as an empowering factor for the cells of your immune system, and that turbo-charges immune function for you.

Stage 2

Increased cellular activities start for your immune system cells and that paves the way for a stronger immune response.

Stage 3

Blood supply to the cells and organs related to your immune response circuit increases and that triggers the production of disease-resting antibodies.

Stage 4

The antibodies become more and more active over time and the very moment any foreign body like viruses, bacteria, parasites, fungi etc enter your body, the antibodies send forth a defence battalion to fight those germs and exterminate them. The powerful natural ingredients present in the Nutra Chikki can strengthen your immune system like never before. You’ll be able to keep your sick days at bay by taking 1 pieces of this Chikki daily. Don’t delay to place your order. Your good health is in your own hands!

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